Today Michigan Congressman Justin Amash ( Just re-elected for the 4th time) posted a rather interesting picture one with Vice President-Elect Mike Pence. This is interesting because within the past week Mike Pence has taken over control of Donald Trump transition team from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is in the middle of the traffic related Bridgegate scandal.

With this picture just in it makes us Conservatarians wonder and hope for a Justin Amash Cabinet appointment. Amash is currently the Chairman of the libertarian leaning “House Liberty Caucus” and was a member of the budget committee until 2012. At this time Amash was given the boot by Former House Speaker and current R.I.N.O. John Boehner.

Congressman Amash and President-Elect Trump have not always seen eye to eye. In an interview for Amash said  ” (Trump) is genuinely terrifying and should go back to ‘The Apprentice.'” However both do have some common ground and Mr.Amash did congratulate Trump on winning the presidency.

Neither Justin or Donald have ever been extremely well accepted by the Republican Party giving them both outsider appeals. Also both politicians have been looked upon as extremely conservative or at least fighting for less government. Let it be noted Amash is by far the more conservative of the two and Trump has in the past held very moderate if not liberal views. This is where the two could see a split.

On certain issues such as 4th amendment rights and degrees of conservatism in government Amash and Trump most certainly disagree. However in the past Amash has shown he is willing to work with less libertarian politicians as long as it is to advance liberty in the right direction. This was shown when Amash endorsed conservative champion Ted Cruz after Rand Paul (our first choice as well dropped out). Many Libertarians disagreed with Congressman Amash endorsement because of Cruz’s Hawkish war policies, stance of legalization of marijuana. The endorsement showed Amash willing to take partial steps to advance liberty when full steps cannot be made.

So it is possible Amash could be being considered within a Trump cabinet. Where would he fit? That we are not sure. We hope if anywhere the head of the NSA or department of Homeland security where he could shut down all operations.

How likely is that? Not very. However neither was Trump winning the presidency…