Just when you thought this election cycle or Florida for that matter couldn’t get weirder meet Augustus Invictus. Augustus is the Libertarian Party’s choice to replace current presidential candidate & Republican senator Marco Rubio’s seat. Augustus literally doesn’t even have a prayer as he is a devout Satanist unless you count prayers to literally everything that is wrong with the world as valid. Augustus drinks goats blood and is calling for a second civil war. If you thought he couldn’t get anymore morally corrupt don’t worry we have more. Below is a post made by Augustus declaring his new singleness.

Augustus Invictus - Florida Libertarian Senate CandidateThis post literally reflects everything that is wrong with the Libertarian Party.

Who in their right mind picks then endorses these people? I mean Donald Drumpf in all honesty is not much better but at least the he hasn’t gotten the nomination yet. The Libertarian Party in general will continue to be a minority party so long as it promotes and nominates candidates that are off the rocker like Augustus or whatever his real name is. You think someone would have the genuine ethical decency not to do something like cheat on your girlfriend and maybe if they did the common sense not to post it. But not this guy. Look he’ll cheat on the chick he loves, guess what he’ll do to you?

The one positive to this story is the whole Libertarian Party does not support him. The former Chairman of The Libertarian Party and one of few electable Libertarian candidates besides Ohio former Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Earl who was cheat out of victory by John Kasich (read more about him hear) Adrian Wyllie vehemently opposes Mr.Invictus. Adrian is quoted by The Daily beast as saying ““Clearly, this man is the absolute antitheses of a Libertarian,” about Augustus and that Augustus’ “Violent Fascist and Neo-Nazi ideologies are completely incompatible with Libertarian values. As such, I had repeatedly and vocally disavowed him and his followers.” Unfortunately however the Libertarian Party has not listened to Adrian and that is why out of principle he resigned. Mr.Wyllie is what you’d call a good guy.

The real problem with the Libertarian Party is demonstrated above. Any organization that chooses a morally lacking fascist over a principled constitutionist is bound to fail. Pray that the same thing that has happened with the Florida LP doesn’t happen to the Republican party in the presidential race.