Why is Fox News Trying To Shut Up Rand Paul

Why is Fox News Trying To Shut Up Rand Paul?

Rand Paul, by all measures a fairly easy name to spell and pronounce. But you’d think another thing if you asked some FOX News anchors. During this 2016 race Rand Paul has been dismissed as unelectable, not conservative enough, too conservative, crazy or just plain left out of news stories he’s a part of. In fact the FOX has gotten so bad they are now changing news stories to keep Rand Paul out of the headlines (see below).

Rand Paul Picture Replaced In Failed FOX News Coverage.

Rand Paul Picture Replaced In Failed FOX News Coverage.

This Isn’t The First Time
Strangely enough it should be noted this isn’t the first time Rand has been left out of coverage by the right leaning media giant or even replaced. FOX has on numerous occasions repeated a name in text instead of put in Paul, skipped over Rand when discussing poll results and even showed clear bias when covering his campaign. The most FOX has seemed to cover Rand is asking about him dropping out. This is even though according to most major polling Rand is currently hovering around 5th, has some of the largest social media numbers out of all the candidates and has arguably the most impressive grassroots in all of Iowa.

Rand Paul's Social Media VS. The Rest Of The Field

Rand Paul’s Social Media VS. The Rest Of The Field

Most recently FOX even bumped Rand from the main debate stage and wanted him to debate in the bottom tier which would have been a death blow to his campaign. Rand told them no, homie don’t play that game (paraphrased). The same day FOX denied Rand entry a new poll was released within the required time period which would have put Rand in the big boy debates. Once presented with this information FOX still didn’t do the right thing and still left Rand out. It makes one wonder after a while is this just a producer messing up or does FOX news seriously have something against Rand Paul?

FOX News Puts Kasich Twice Forgets Rand

                          FOX News Puts Kasich Twice Forgets Rand

Now if FOX News does have something against Rand Paul why doesn’t the Republican Party do something about it. Recently The National Review (A conservative news publication founded by William Buckley) and about two dozens other prominent conservatives spoke out against Trump in an Magazine Issue dubbed #AgainstTrump. In response the Republican party barred The National Review from co-sponsoring the last debate in January to be hosted by CNN. It makes one wonder should FOX News be given the same punishment for their treatment of Rand Paul

Liked Father Like Son
Now unfortunately the Paul family is not too unfamiliar to this sort of treatment. In 2008 and 2012 when Ron Paul ran he was treated like an outcast as well. FOX and other media outlets told Ron he couldn’t win and openly said they didn’t want to report on him. This was even when Ron Paul was leading in the Iowa polls. The Paul family has always been discounted and the question is why?

Why Leave Out Rand
The answer to that question is simple. Rand Paul and his father are/were the true anti-establishment candidate.

Rand Paul represents true common sense taking the best parts from both Republicans and Democrats. Not the worst parts and painting it a new color like many other candidates.

Rand Paul as president would prevent crisis by allowing the 2nd amendment to flourish and with wise foreign policy. Terrorists would attack at a lessened rate and not be as strong because there would be no blow-back to keep them motivated. But if they did attack they could be swiftly taken down by a well armed populace. Under a Paul Presidency the economy would flourish because of the proposed Flat & Fair Tax which would have everyone pay a 14.5% income tax regardless of income.

Dr.Rand Paul would lead not just a conservative or libertarian revolution in our country but an American revolution. One where those from the left and right could fight against big government to increase our ever diminishing liberties. Those on the left and right would be scared of Rand’s sound domestic and foreign policy. Not scared it wouldn’t work but that it would work too well.

Donald Trump Republicans and Hillary Clinton Democrats are scared Rand Paul would do such a good job he wouldn’t just unite his party but unite America. No more #BlackLivesMatter, No more Tea Party, No More #AllLivesMatter, No More Occupy Wallstreet. Under a Paul administration all would be able to express themselves but all would be proud to first identify as Americans because of our protection of liberties at home and abroad.  See this is what FOX News must not like.

Rand Paul redefines conservatism and Republicanism back to its roots to as a party and an ideology of limited government in ALL aspects of the phrase. Rand Paul is breaking down barriers but at the same time fighting the drug war, mandatory minimums and maybe going to conservative. This must be why FOX News doesn’t cover Rand Paul. But we’ll probably never know, unless they tell us.