Why Does Government Think It Is 3 Times More Valuable Than God? - The Conservatarian

Why Does Government Think It Is 3 Times More Valuable Than God? - The Conservatarian

Tithe:What God asks for as a percentage of your income for you to show your respect and trust to him. The Tithe is 10% of your income.

Taxes:What Government takes by force or threat of force as a percentage of your income for you to pay for “essential services” or what they deem essential. Currently in the US taxes are near impossible to lock down between your income tax, property tax, sales tax, consumption tax, and not to mention taxes like the payroll taxes you don’t see, but your employers don’t pay (or don’t pay to you atleast, but do pay the government)[Further explanation here] 

A very conservative estimate of total taxes paid is 30% though other sites estimate around 38.69% or even as much as 43%.

In the marketplace the more cost in something typically means the more value so the question should be “Why Does Government Think It Is Three Times More Valuable Than God?”

Well could it possibly be that Government provides more than God? Some atheists may claim yes but even those that don’t believe in God should find it easy to believe that government takes more from the economy than it provides unlike God’s Church. For example does it really take 30% of everyone’s collective income to keep up a national infrastructure, courts and a standing army? The answer to that is no. However it does take 30% and more to provide an at home nanny welfare state and an unnecessary abroad warfare state like the one George Bush and Barack Obama have helped turn this country more and more into.

The next question after that should be does God provide more than zero? I would answer yes. God is my Rock and my salvation something no amount of money could ever buy. This is because we can’t work our way to salvation with good deeds and money is just a store of labor. I have a very real relationship with my father in heaven who answers my prayers and hears me when I call out. I would say that worth is infinite above anything is this world, rubies, diamonds even spicy conservatarian memes. However with all this said these are non-tangibles to a non-believer. One might claim God steals his tithe and hasn’t provided enough physical goods or services to make up for them. But even with this false argument someone lost from Jesus can still hold my belief when considering the fruits of God and Government.

All one needs to do is look at the comparisons between God’s institution, The Church and the institution of Government that is the state. Look at healthcare for example Christian and Catholic Hospitals have continually provided low cost high quality care since their inception. Forced Government Healthcare (Obamacare) on the other hand has skyrocked rates and lessened care quality. Even when comparing apples to apples or a church hospital to a V.A. hospital there are massive glaring differences. The V.A. hospital has disgruntled employees, bad care and long wait times. The opposite is normally true for Christian hospitals who solve all those problems mainly caused by bad employees because they do what is needed to help those in need (which may be firing bad employees).

I could go on with the comparisons forever from education to giving. God’s people on this earth have shown themselves immensely superior managers of goods and services whether you believe that is a sign of divinity or not. So the question is once again “Why Does Government Think It Is 3 Times More Valuable Than God?”. Since I’m not the massive blob that calls itself the government I have not idea. But I can answer the question to is Government more Valuable than God. It’s not.

Government doesn’t properly give, educate or even heal. In fact its real value is very small and in very concentrated sectors which the private market could probably do better but is just more convenient to have a public control over.

So does government really deserve 30% of my income? No, it doesn’t and its not entitled to it.

Progressives will often pull out verses of the bible and misuse them for their own purposes much like Satan did to Jesus in the desert #JustSaying. A populist favorite is Mark 12:17 which Says “Well, then,” Jesus said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”. The pretext to this verse is the pharisees were trying to trick Jesus into speaking ill of Cesar so he would be carted away and killed before his time so they asked Jesus in Mark 12:14  “Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not?”. But more onto this they asked the question with a spin, their own angle like a corrupt reporter may do today so regardless of saying yes or no Jesus would be playing into their hands. Jesus saw this and in Mark 12:15 it says But Jesus knew their hypocrisy. (and said) “Why are you trying to trap me?”. When Jesus said give unto Cesar what is Cesar’s he did not say give whatever and whenever Cesar requests. Jesus said what is owed to Cesar or the modern equivalent of the government. And as free people we must ask what percentage of our labor belongs to Cesar or belongs to The United States of America. The correct answer to that is none and that was the way it was until Woodrow Wilson passed the 16th amendment in 1913 under false promises that it would only be a minute amount ,3% max. That obviously grew because like sin the more you indulge in government, the more it will grow.

We owe Cesar nothing because Cesar doesn’t participate in our labor and that’s what Jesus is saying in Mark 12:17. That is why an income tax to begin with is morally corrupt and why the Fair Tax is a far superior system of revenue for the federal government. It may not bring in as much money but the point is the government is not supposed to have massive amount of money and share of the economy, the federal government especially. The government is supposed to have a comfortable amount but only to do what it needs and not a thing more. The closer local this becomes to the individual the less this it is an issue because people may have their voice heard more to a Mayor or Governor who is directly responsible for their city or state’s condition. If a town goes bankrupt like Detroit, Michigan the one to blame is clear, the mayor. The same should be with the President but blame is shifted to such a degree it never is. This way politicians become almost beholden to their citizens but not as much as a normally company because their buying cycle is only once every four year.

But let me conclude by saying if the false Mark 12:17 interpretation was used it would mean the Revolutionary War was sinful and every common sense tax reform since then was as well. It would be saying miswell give everything to Uncle Sam because you’re going to hell if you refuse. So if you’re seeing the absurdity in this then you are getting my point.

See government was not meant to replace God but was put in place by God in 1 Samuel because his people wanted it and he gave us free will. However our society has made Government a God. They took all the good functions God does for us by faith such as provide for us and put it into their hands. It was the Church not government that was meant to provide aid to the needy and was until the government got into the business. Church’s had to give up share because I guess its pretty hard to compete when you fund your competitors. The more the government grew and does grow the more they tried and try to shut up God. However trying is different than doing.

America is a nation of free men and women and what we do is our choice. We must choose to reduce the size and scope of government. The final size I am unsure of but I think making sure my government doesn’t get more than my God is a good start.

If you are interested in this topic below is a speech I gave on it two years ago, hope you enjoy it.