What is A Conservatarian?

A pretty important question seeing as though this website is named after the term.

A Conservative is a right leaning libertarian. The term itself is a combination of the terms conservative and libertarian making one solid term. Very often Conservatarians are much more Pro-Life, passionate about Religious Freedom and less attached to liberal political movements than you would find with the general libertarian movement and the Libertarian party. On economic issues, Conservatarians very much agree with Libertarians nearly to a tee.

Famous Conservatarians include

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
Texas Senator Ted Cruz
Utah Senator Mike Lee
Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse
Kentucky Governor  Matt Bevin
Radio Show Host, Glenn Beck

Not all of these Conservatarians agree on every point or even strictly identify as Conservatarians but they do all have a similar belief structure. Generally, you will see Conservatarians belonging to the Republican party but many are often in the Libertarian Party, Conservative Party and the Constitution Party.