In what may be a new low for left leaning news-source NowThis, they have made a video which appears to support a 25 year old conman who scammed $1,000,000 from loyal Trump supporters trying to win a dinner with their chosen presidential candidate. The video in question is made in traditional NowThis style (Pictures overlayed with text that is extremely loose with the facts) and shows what seems to be a real news story however a bias is extremely clear.

The video posted on NowThis’ NowThis Election page on the afternoon of August 30th starts with a child waiving money at herself and changes to a picture of the fake Donald Trump donation site. The video continues with imagery mocking Trump and surprisingly with text which seems to laud the ingenuity of conman Ian Hawes. Throughout the video instead of attack Ian for being a liar and cheat NowThis actually goes on to defend Ian’s actions as legal.

NowThis Defending Hawes In A Still Shot Of The Video Below

NowThis Defending Hawes In A Still Shot Of The Video Below

The irony with this situation is nearly palpable. For the past year or so since Trump has announced all NowThis has done (many times rightly so) is call Donald Trump a conman and fiercely oppose those actions of his. Now a con man is coning Trump supporters and NowThis is supporting the thief’s actions as technically legal. Under the same logic I think NowThis should make a video supporting the Bank Bailouts of 2008. Those bailouts were technically legal, yes people were scammed but they were “legally” scammed. I wonder if I had a moral floor as low as Ian Hawes and I made this con but with Hillary instead Trump would NowThis cover my attempt to make “profits” as they put it so positively.

I think this story and other posts of theirs show NowThis is nothing more than an opinions page masked as a neutral news outlet with a problem with consistency. So that you can make up your mind on this for yourself we have attached the post below….

Is NowThis fairly reporting the news or defending a 25 year old thief?