“I won’t vote for budgets that never balance” proclaimed the Republican Kentucky Senator and former 2016 Presidental candidate Rand Paul on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon. Sen.Paul said this after a nearly 20 minute speech including multiple instances of government waste and a well built argument upon why conservatives should vote urge their legislators to vote no on the upcoming establishment Republican budget.

Rand has long been considered one of the strongest fiscal conservatives within the dirty walls of the Washington D.C. city limit and today he really showed why that is. Rand Paul yesterday stood up to his own party and demanded that they face an issue of significant importance, the debt. Right now the debt is nearing 20 trillion dollars. Over the next decade the current budget would add 10 trillion more dollars to that amount. So before the year 2030 if nothing is done we could be over 30 Trillion dollars in debt. Rand Paul has said he will propose this budget as an amendment to the current budget at the appropriate time (before the budget vote).

Rand Paul has proposed to stop the madness in its tracks and announced his plan to balance the budget in 5 years. Some call this radical but imagine if it took one of us 5 years to correct our bad spending behaviors or even 5 months. We would be in a really sticky situation as individuals. So with this Rand Paul isn’t even demanding the government run like a person, business or even private business ran by a semi-competent individual. Rand’s proposing a slow steering of the ship in a new path out of a debt culture. To that I say good job Rand Paul, we salute you!

Note: We at The Conservatarian endorsed Rand Paul for president in early 2015 because of  his brave actions taken to balance the budget, fight corruption by career politicians and unify our country across racial, economical and social lines. If we could go back and rethink our actions with the information we know now we would most certainly do it all again. #StandWithRand