This just in from libertarian leaning Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul he is going to fight to repeal ALL of Obamcare and make sure to balance the budget at the same time. This was all said December 14th on the Fox Business News show Mornings with Maria (video below)

Rand has said the only thing worse then not repealing Obamacare would be to repeal just some of Obamacare like the individual mandate and keep restrictions on healthcare companies that require them to sell insurance to people AFTER they become sick (pre-existing condition). The Kentucky Senator said this would lead to many healthcare businesses being forced into bankruptcy and our debt just increasing more.

Rand Paul said he intends to allow the free market to truly work in our healthcare. His plan is to allow larger pools to create¬†lower costs. He was quoted in reference to the idea that “What we need to do is make it easier for people to (be in) larger pools to begin with.” he expounded this could be done by selling healthcare like we sell life insurance by grouping similar people on plans instead of people that work together to mitigate risk. A simple solution but one not yet available because of numerous regulations currently on the books Rand wants to rid us of such as state line boundaries for health insurance and not tying health insurance to our employment.

Rand Paul has shown no matter the politics he will stand up for what is right. Those scared Trump will not do what he has said should be thankful for Rand Paul. And those who never doubt Trump should be happy because Rand will help him do what he said. Rand Paul will be a much appreciated fire under President-Elect Donald Trump’s feet.

The Full Interview from Fox Business News below…