Remember when you were in college and you always thought your left-leaning newspaper was just a tad biased? Well at The University of Toledo students suspicions are being proved right.

The student group, The Young Americans For Liberty on the campus published the below video to their Facebook page Tuesday night. The video shows opinion editor for The Independent Collegian, Jessica Harker grabbing a handful of fliers promoting a speaking engagement involving Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America and tearing them down. When Jessica is confronted and realizes she is being taped she looks into the camera and whispers “do something”.

According to The Independent Collegian’s website “Jessica is a 4th year communication major. She has worked at the IC since January 2014 and is now the opinion editor.”. So Jessica has been bending the integrity of the Independent Collegian for nearly her whole college career and most certainly as long as she has been at the paper. One has to wonder how many conservative op-eds were rejected by this obviously biased editor. More so how much has Jessica messed with real on-campus reporting to support her own political agenda?Jessica Harker - The Independent collegian

The above picture is a screenshot of Jessica Harker’s profile on the newspaper’s website. The title of Editor-in-Cheif is not consistent with the rest of the website but is telling that Jessica may have a larger role than just the Opinion column.

Gun Free Zones Are Not Safe Spaces

A Picture of The Flier Jessica ripped down.

This is all especially ironic as liberals and Democrats on the campus of Toledo just fought for the Free Speech to hang a banner which claimed President Trump was a member of the infamous racist group founded by Democrats, the Ku Klux Klan. Though that banner was much more inflammatory than the flier the Young Americans For Liberty hung it was not touched. In fact many conservatives on campus actually stood with the College Democrats and supported their right to Free Speech. This even includes College Republicans president Shane Logan who was quoted saying “Personally I thought it was stupid for [the College Democrats] to put the banner up. Although from the political angle I think it was great because it shows their true colors,” he explained. “Whether we like it or not, it is protected under the First Amendment. And just about everyone is pissed off/did not like the banner being up there, so the Democrats screwed themselves.”

After the Trump banner incident, the College President Sharon L. Gaber released a memo on free speech and held a town hall forum. President Gaber claimed The University of Toledo respects free speech but in order to do that they must also defend free speech. Now the question on everyone’s mind is will the University of Toledo actually in Jessica’s words “do something?”.

Editor’s Note: This is actually very sad. This is the new low for on-campus journalism. As a junior and senior at The University of Toledo, I wrote for The Independent Collegian as an opinion writer. It is awfully sad to see things fall so far in a matter of a few years.