Netflix & Chill With Senator Ted Cruz - The Conservatarian

Netflix & Chill With Senator Ted Cruz - The Conservatarian

Donate today and win a chance to… uhmmm .. Netflix & Chill with Senator Ted Cruz? To older readers this may not seem that weird but to the Urban Dictionary generation this would be as creepy as crazy uncle Joe’s pictures with women or first frat-boy hopeful former President Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky charades. For those not in the know “Netflix and Chill” is this generation’s “wanna come to my place and move the furniture?”

As soon as this image went viral sites like, Mediate and others began to shed light on its obvious falsehood calling it a great embarrassment for Cruz, however I think of this incident differently.

I personally think this fake contest is hilarious, one of the best memes I’ve seen all month. Instead of embarrass Cruz I think it helps achieve what his campaigns been going for. It really just helps humanize the Texas senator.

See Ted seems to be a nice guy but one of his main problems is he comes off as unrelatable, almost robotic at times. This is probably due to his high intelligence and straight laced demeanor. He has been combating the problem well with his often hilarious debate one liners and sketch like TV commercials like the one below. However just imagine how funny it would be if Ted Cruz turned this seemly negative jab by internet liberals into a hilarious positive.

A real “Netflix & Chill” Contest with Senator Ted Cruz would go even more viral than the fake one did and would even further display his human and funny side. Just as political commentators say at the end of the day people always vote for the person they’d most likely drink a beer with or in other words most likely hang out with. With that logic it would only make sense to help people like you by showing your humorous side when instances like this occur.

Now do not get me wrong I’m not saying Ted Cruz should sell out his principles and do something immoral. We can leave that to media networks who constantly discuss Donald Trump, putting temporary ratings over real journalism. What I mean is Ted Cruz should literally have a Netflix and Chill (nothing more) Contest.

I mean imagine how cool it would be for supporters to watch TV and talk with their favorite conservative hero. Maybe watch an old Adam Sandler movie, House Of Cards or maybe even Attack On Titan. The winner could choose whatever appropriate show or movie they like. It would different and unique.

So with that all said I am crossing my fingers Ted Cruz and his campaign show their funny side and announce a real Netflix & Chill Contest or at least a Hulu & Relax Contest. It would be absolutely hysterical! What do you think? Would this contest be a great political move or just immaturity to the max?