There Is A Violent Radicalization of The Left, And Progressives You And The Media Are Responsible For It

Violent riots, punching of “Nazis” and now an attempt to kill elected representatives. I am not one who likes to sensationalize or even point fingers of blame in the wake of tragedy but this “Violent Radicalization Of The Left” is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Progressives have been literally paying people to assault and provoke conservative Trump voters to generate bad PR for Republicans since 2015, a fact revealed by an undercover investigation by James O’Keefe (and don’t think they have stopped). Donald Trump campaign signs were damaged, stolen and houses they were in front of were vandalized. Cars with Donald Trump bumper stickers were relentlessly keyed and one man was even pulled out of his car and assaulted just for the having the campaign signage on his vehicle. Even individuals were assaulted just for supporting the Republican nominee like Denise Scott, a homeless woman who was just defending now President Trump’s Hollywood star when a mob assaulted her. At the Republican National Committee, there was a record number of cops brought in to just defend Delegates and participants from violent protestors and Republicans were still injured.


Trump Supporter Being Treated For Injuries After Assualt At April Trump Rally

Trump Supporter Treated For Injuries After Assualt At April 2016 Trump Rally

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, The Democratic Party, and even the Mainstream Media were nearly silent on this whole issue. No apologies were ever made from the opposition as they continually denied their involvement. The few stories the Mainstream Media did do on assaults of people or property were few and far between. Stories were mainly prompted by hugely viral videos of Trump voters defending their signs with makeshift booby traps or even just defending themselves. The stories became so big through social networks mainstream media outlets were forced to cover them.

Fast forward to after November 8th and the Democratic Party and Progressive Mob messaging just got worse. #NotMyPresident was introduced in an attempt by sore loser Democrats to delegitimize Donald Trump’s Presidency.  The Russia scandal was 100% fabricated to support this narrative that somehow President Trump is a paid foreign operative. Repeat one of the richest men to ever run for president (He’s a billionaire, with a B) in our history was somehow being paid off in the scandal of the century. In this fairy tale tragedy, the Democrats claim the Russians knew exactly how to hack individual precincts and knew exactly which precincts to hack. The country of former Soviet fame apparently bounced back better than ever and to levels of technology and espionage even surpassing America. They were super sneaky too. So much so that all of America only found out about this elaborate plot about 48 hours after Hillary  Clinton called now President Donald Trump to concede the contest.

There is only one problem with this made up Russia plot though. It’s just like the idea that you can choose your own gender. It has no actual factual foundation or legitimate proof. But don’t worry that didn’t stop Mainstream Media outlets and Fake News Innovators like CNN, ABC and NBC from pushing the unicorn & pixie dust story. Former FBI Director James Comey actually admitted Trump is not and has never been under investigation. Furthermore Comey also admitted Trump never even asked him to stop his bogus Russia investigation (video) below.

To top it all off Democratic Senator Mark Warner admitted: “We have no smoking gun at this point”. Also known as “We don’t have any evidence, but hey whateves, right?”.

Now, look at Progressive cultural leaders, which are pretty much all of the illmoraled culture leaders you see. They have spent every waking minute since November 9th, 2016 approximately 2:06 am trying to paint Donald Trump as an illegitimate tyrant needing to be “impeached”. I say “impeached” with quotations around it because it is more like removed in any way possible. From harmless tweets to literal ISIS style threats on his life. It started with Snoop Dogg pretending to shoot President Trump in clown makeup with a fake gun and from there only it got worse.

Kathy Griffin Holding A Bloodied Trump Manikin Head.

Kathy Griffin a B level celebrity and former yearly CNN host posed with a bloody dismembered manikin head which she said was our President in a picture so awful a large number of networks blurred parts of the image. Now, this was met with widespread disapproval, but look, she didn’t do this stunt expecting it and that’s the scary part.

Kathy is well-known to be celebrity surrogate for the left. She knows what should resonate and what shouldn’t. Also, you better believe me that her liberal friends and associates told her this was a good idea before she did it. After the stunt, Kathy has lost nearly all her sponsorships and titles but don’t think the left will abandon her. Vast swathes of the Progressive (morally regressive) Left have endorsed her actions. In fact, Celebrities like Jim Carrey have even ridden to her rescue saying “hold up a severed leg as well”. Like one death threat wasn’t enough, imagine how many similar threats that same Hollywood troupe would have allowed of Obama.

From a picture to a play Cultural Marxists of the Left are taking the idea of Trump being murdered to a new extent. At Public Theater (yes a government-subsidized facility) artistic director Oskar Eustis has been holding a performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Cesar set in the modern day and with a Julius Cesar that looks a lot like Trump. At the end of the play, this Trump look-a-like protagonist is stabbed over a dozen times just like Julius Cesar.

Donald Trump Like Character Stabbed In Julius Cesar Style Play

With all this is going on broke young adults are rioting in the streets and on college campuses with the fake notion that they are fighting tyranny.

What tyranny?
Well, they don’t know that they just know who the bad guys are because the cultural elites have told them and the mainstream media has agreed every step of the way.

These young adults (often not students and are sometimes being paid) are tearing apart colleges like Berkley to protest Trump and any ideology against theirs’s. (You may remember this tactic from Hillary’s campaign and in the beginning of this article.) They walk around with campus with the idea that it is okay to “punch Nazis” and beat people into their beliefs. Ironically, a very Nazi-like belief to hold. Colleges rarely issue discipline to these violent rioters and will, in fact, schools often punish the students being bullied by said rioters for “hate speech”. Most likely because the administrators of the school “hate” when conservatives and libertarians have “speech” on campus.

So to recap up to this point violence has been used multiple times by the Democratic Party upon Republican Trump supporters with little to no recourse of action since 2015. A false Russian collusion story has been espoused by not only a majority party but by a massive majority (90%ish) of Mainstream Media outlets that are painting the president as a traitor after painting him as an illegitimate tyrant. With this, Television personalities and publicly funded works of arts are promoting the murder and assassination of said traitorous illegitimate tyrant. All the while protestors are free to assault whoever they want, destroy whatever property they want and stop whichever public roadways they want.

Now the Left and the media are  so innocently wondering, “Gosh what is up with this violence in politics?”

I don’t know MAYBEEEE it’s the fact that you have promoted the idea of violence (in the form of the arts), not discouraged violence (in your reporting and political campaigns), then have tried to brainwash the public into thinking they are being led by an illegitimate traitorous tyrant. But that’s just a guess (HEAVY SARCASM).

Maybe the media pushed a lunatic into believing killing Republican public officials was just because after all it’s done in Central Park Plays and it’s condoned by the Hollywood Liberal Elites. Plus the lunatic probably thinks killing anyone helping an illegitimate traitorous tyrant would make him a hero. I mean it’s not like the majority of the Left has condemned such violence before.

Hillary never told her supporters not to bird-dog Trump voters, in fact we know because of WikiLeaks and ACTUAL VIDEO INTERVIEWS that she paid them to do just that. Former President Obama doesn’t come out and condemn rioting in the street and didn’t too much even when he was President. The only liberal politician I know of condemning these things are Bernie Sanders who spoke against the rioters at Berkley but where was he to condemn the multiple other acts of violence?

In Bernie Sander’s defense, he has released a statement (tweet above) condemning Tuesday’s shooting which critically injured Representative Steve Scalise and four others and condemning the shooter (which was a huge Bernie supporter). But this is a case of too little too late. The left and media have been telling James T. Hodgkinson (the shooter) and the rest of America the narrative I presented above since last November and it was only a matter of time before a nut cracked. There are already enough crazy people in this world. There is no need for us to talk them into doing more dangerous harmful things and subtly justifying them as morally ok.

This shooter story is very similar to the story of the woman on trial for talking her boyfriend into committing suicide. She never pulled the trigger she just gave her boyfriend the road map of how to do it and encouraged him killing himself was the right thing to do. The media never gave James T. Hodgkinson the gun they just told him a problem and the Left and Cultural Marxists told him a solution.

Now just like a guilty child running to their parents the Mainstream Media and Leftist Political Machine are covering their tracks, pleading innocence and for once asking we “pray for unity”. To think the same party that has all but banned prayer at public sporting events made an exception for their own PR stunt. It just leaves one to wonder were they just praying for the Republicans hurt at practice or for their political future as well? Because just like parents the American People will only tolerate lies for so long. But if the Republican Party and Liberty Movements don’t point this lie out of the dark there will be no way it will ever be seen.

I personally believe it is a time for unity too, but believe actions come with consequences.  If you do something wrong you should be punished. The Left and Mainstream Media have created this atmosphere of violence now they just don’t want their political standing and their ratings to be punished.

I don’t believe we should drop this as fast as the media and Democrats want us too. Just remember in 2011 when Gabby Gifford was shot Democrats tried hard to tie Jared Lee Loughner to the Republican Party. Even though he was a registered independent who didn’t even vote in the 2010 Senate race and according to a classmate who spoke with ABC News “He did not watch TV; he disliked the news; he didn’t listen to political radio; he didn’t take sides; he wasn’t on the Left; he wasn’t on the Right.” Add onto this Democrats bird-dogged Republicans into conflict all throughout the 2016 race to make them seem violent. This is the thing it’s not that Progressives and the Media are scared of violence in politics it’s just they are scared they will be deemed the provocateurs of said violence.

We are seeing there is a party and ideology full of individuals willing to pay rioters to destroy public property, propagate false news  at the threat of a nuclear cold war to improve their standing, visualize murder of their ideological rivals in picture, video and theatrical plays and assault men, women and children for expressing their personal political beliefs. Don’t worry though, they’ve said murder is a red line. But American people I want you to remember what that party thinks of red lines and remember they think that way of you too.