Donald Trump And Putin

OP-ED: War Isn’t A Good Thing. Trump Attempting Diplomacy Is.

Before President Trump was elected to the highest office in the land “top political analysts” predicted he would have started World War III by the end of his second year. We are five months away from that day in history but it seems quite the opposite is shaping up to happen. It is likely that by the end of President Donald J. Trump’s first term we will see the most stable relationships ever between us and some of the countries [...]

Libertarian Presidential Candidates and Republican Congress Candidates Austin Petersen & Ron Paul

Austin Petersen Isn’t The First To Run For President As A Libertarian And For Congress As A Republican. Here is why he is doing the right thing.

On July 4th Former Libertarian Party Presidental candidate Austin Petersen declared his run for the U.S. Senate in his home state of Missouri. But this time he declared he would be running not as a Libertarian but as a Republican. Just like former Libertarian Presidental Candidate, Ron Paul did when he returned to politics in the 1990s to run for Congress. I both cases I can guess many in the LP (Libertarian Party) were annoyed, hurt and downright angry at [...]

Ron Paul Electoral Vote - The Conservatarian

Ron Paul Receiving A Presidential Electoral College Vote Without Running Is Proof Of His Enormous Impact.

[It’s Happening] Three time Presidential Candidate  and 12 term libertarian Republican Congressman Ron Paul just passed a large mile stone in his path towards the White House. He has finally won an electoral college vote but he didn’t even run for president! This huge honor just shows what a large influence Ron Paul has been not on just the Republican Party but America in a whole. (Please note he is done with his quest towards the White House but [...]


Ron Paul Is NOT Voting For Jill Stein, Don’t Believe The MSM Lie [VIDEO].

Who would believe it major publications… lie?? Well yes it happens more often then you’d think. However within the past 24 hours the mainstream media and even some right wing websites have published stories about an outright fabricated story. The story in question is that Ron Paul is voting for Jill Stein, this story is false. A major conservative  publication Red Alert Politics ran a story entitled “Ron Paul says Johnson isn’t libertarian, will vote for Jill Stein [VIDEO]”. About 30 seconds [...]


Libertarians Prefer Ron Paul As Nominee To Their Favorite Candidate By Slim Margin

Recently we held a poll to gauge The Conservatarian community’s choice for their favorite Libertarian Presidential Candidate which former Ron Paul for President volunteer and owner Austin Petersen won in a landslide and we added an interesting question. The question we also asked was “Would You Prefer Ron Paul To The Libertarian Candidate You Currently Support?” and we got some interesting results. Personally I thought it would be an overwhelming yes but it seems Dr.Paul only got 52% saying yes. However [...]


Movement To Draft Ron Paul to Run As Libertarian Nominee Is Gaining Steam, See How To Join.

Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump? Arsenic or Cyanide? Get shot in the left lung or the right? Choices, choices, choices. However there could be another choice with a realistic shot at victory, that choice is Ron Paul. Polls are showing this year will be the Libertarian Party’s time to shine but imagine how much better they would do with the best know libertarian in the world, Ron Paul! The website is circulating an online petition asking the 3 time former presidential to [...]

It's Not Happening Bernie Sanders, Get Off Our Ron Paul Meme

Bernie, Hands Off Our Ron Paul Meme! It’s NOT Happening for You!

Not even one day into the New Year and Bernie Sanders expands his portfolio from moronic lack of common sense having pushover to moronic lack of common sense having pushover with no respect. What did he do? Bernie Sanders a confirmed anti-economics socialist has stolen a Ron Paul meme and placed his face over Ron Paul! Bernie sent it out with a tweet saying “It’s Happening” after receiving 1 million donations from different individuals. News to Bernie, it ain’t happening [...]