Donald Trump And Putin

OP-ED: War Isn’t A Good Thing. Trump Attempting Diplomacy Is.

Before President Trump was elected to the highest office in the land “top political analysts” predicted he would have started World War III by the end of his second year. We are five months away from that day in history but it seems quite the opposite is shaping up to happen. It is likely that by the end of President Donald J. Trump’s first term we will see the most stable relationships ever between us and some of the¬†countries [...]


OP-ED: Give Gary Johnson A Break; You Don’t Know Where Aleppo is Either.

Now defending “liberal”-tarian Gary Johnson isn’t my favorite pass time but I think he really does deserve a pass on not understanding where Aleppo is. In fact I think it is actually good Johnson was honest and asked so he could clarify his position. It shows Johnson actually wanted to answer the question instead of give it the ole runaround answer he could have gave. Once Johnson was informed Aleppo was in Syria he gave the answer he has been [...]