Jim Rennaci I'm a Blue Collar Democrat

BREAKING: Establishment GOP Senate Candidate calls self “Blue Collar Democrat” in Deep Red Ohio Primary

Major R.I.N.O. alert in the newly minted Republican bastion of Ohio. Audio has leaked of Congressman and US Senate candidate Jim Renacci claiming he is a “Blue Collar Democrat” and more able to relate to union members that have for so long made up the Democratic base in Ohio.  The above-mentioned incident occurred at a pancake dinner in Cincinnati where both candidates spoke. The Gibbons campaign has said they believe this is in response to Mike Gibbon’s comments on his crossover strength in Cuyahoga [...]


In 2014 Kasich Cheated His Way Into Office, Scared A Libertarian Would Beat Him.

Tuesday night John Kasich vaulted himself back into relevancy spurred on by his win in New Hampshire and the falsehood that he is some sort of anti-Trump. However do not be fooled Trump and Kasich are just a different shade of the same Authoritarian cloth. Kasich often attacks Trump saying he refuses to speak on substance or issue. This coming from a man that never said his Democratic Opponent in his last gubernatorial campaign once and that spent over [...]