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Seattle’s $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Isn’t Working Out & Even The Mainstream Media Is Admitting it.

You ever have a really bad idea, talk to an expert in the idea’s field of study who tell you it’s a bad idea then be surprised when said bad idea ends up with a bad result? If you answered yes to all those questions then you just may be on Seattle City Council. Seattle’s Minimum Wage History In 2014 Seattle, Oregon politicians set the progressive world ablaze by proclaiming $15 an hour is not only a “great idea” but in addition [...]


The Uber Rich or The Super Poor, Who is Really Greedy?

When someone doesn’t share or something in a trade doesn’t seem right we may often say, “that person is GREEDY!”. But a concept I love to look at is who really is greedy, The person who doesn’t want to share or the person that wants to make them share? The Nobel Prize winning economist economist Milton Friedman discusses this in depth in the below video… Milton is right in the video that really everyone to a degree is greedy. We all [...]