Conservative Shak Hill Set To Oust One Of Congress’ Most Liberal Republicans.

Long before headlines said the Tea Party was dead in 2016, the media was saying it was asleep in 2015, and others went along the lines of saying it was beaten to death like a murdered horse in 2012 after the defeat of moderate Mitt Romney against Barack Obama. The era of traditional conservatism, as in free markets, federalism, responsible spending, and a respect for individualism had all but gone out the window. It seems as if the decree [...]

Netflix & Chill With Senator Ted Cruz - The Conservatarian

This Ted Cruz Netflix Contest is Fake & Funny, But His Campaign Should Definitely Make It Real!

Donate today and win a chance to… uhmmm .. Netflix & Chill with Senator Ted Cruz? To older readers this may not seem that weird but to the Urban Dictionary generation this would be as creepy as crazy uncle Joe’s pictures with women or first frat-boy hopeful former President Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky charades. For those not in the know “Netflix and Chill” is this generation’s “wanna come to my place and move the furniture?” As soon as this image [...]