Dear Hillary: Flint’s Problems Are The City’s Democratic Leadership’s Fault NOT The Governor’s

Last night during the presumably poorly watched Democratic Debates Hillary Clinton made an unusual assertion. She saw the recent water problem’s in Flint, Michigan as an opportunity to stand up to corrupt politicians who endangered their voting populace “which is poor in many ways” and who contaminated the city’s water with lead. With that she saw the nearest Republican she could find and landed on the Governor, Governor Snyder to be exact. She called it horrible and Bernie Sanders [...]

It's Not Happening Bernie Sanders, Get Off Our Ron Paul Meme

Bernie, Hands Off Our Ron Paul Meme! It’s NOT Happening for You!

Not even one day into the New Year and Bernie Sanders expands his portfolio from moronic lack of common sense having pushover to moronic lack of common sense having pushover with no respect. What did he do? Bernie Sanders a confirmed anti-economics socialist has stolen a Ron Paul meme and placed his face over Ron Paul! Bernie sent it out with a tweet saying “It’s Happening” after receiving 1 million donations from different individuals. News to Bernie, it ain’t happening [...]