Austin Petersen, A Genuine & Policy Focused Conservatarian Is Shaking Up The Senate Race In Missouri

Austin Petersen; A Genuine & Policy Focused Libertarian Republican is Shaking Up The Senate Race In Missouri & Might Just Win.

Austin Petersen; A Genuine & Policy Focused Libertarian Republican is Shaking Up The Senate Race In Missouri & Might Just Win. Austin Petersen has done a great job shaking up the senate race in Missouri. The former Libertarian presidential candidate has presented a different form of conservatism to the people of the state, one based on principle rather than popularity. Providing the same politically libertarian philosophy to the senate race which he believes could have curtailed the populism that has been [...]

Austin Petersen Declares He Will Be Running For The US Senate In Missouri

Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen Declares Candidacy For The US Senate In Missouri As A Republican!

July 4th – The most patriotic day of the year and this year Austin Petersen Celebrated in the most patriotic way he knew possible, by announcing his run for the US Senate in Missouri. (Live video below). The Announcement Party at the Petersen’s Stonegait Farms and estate was very well attended. The event included a kids bouncy house, barbeque and a live band. But of course the pinicle of the night was when Petersen got on the stage and said [...]

Libertarian Presidential Candidates and Republican Congress Candidates Austin Petersen & Ron Paul

Austin Petersen Isn’t The First To Run For President As A Libertarian And For Congress As A Republican. Here is why he is doing the right thing.

On July 4th Former Libertarian Party Presidental candidate Austin Petersen declared his run for the U.S. Senate in his home state of Missouri. But this time he declared he would be running not as a Libertarian but as a Republican. Just like former Libertarian Presidental Candidate, Ron Paul did when he returned to politics in the 1990s to run for Congress. I both cases I can guess many in the LP (Libertarian Party) were annoyed, hurt and downright angry at [...]

2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen Expected To Declare Candidacy For Senate In Missouri July 4th!

BREAKING: 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen Expected To Declare Candidacy For Senate In Missouri July 4th.

Conservatarian favorite Austin Petersen is expected to announce his next step in the fight for liberty, running for the U.S. Senate in an attempt to represent the great state of Missouri. Austin Petersen is a long time ally of liberty serving first as a producer on Judge Napolitano’s Fox News show and currently as the founder of Stonegait LLC and The Libertarian Republic. Petersen has long been a fan favorite here at The Conservatarian where he first won our Libertarian nomination poll then [...]


BREAKING: Austin Petersen Considering A 2018 Run For The US Senate In Missouri

2016 Libertarian primary contender Austin Petersen dropped a bombshell under an hour ago posting the following post unto his political page suggesting a 2018 US Senate run in his home state of Missouri is a strong possibility. Another strong indicator is the fact his volunteer Facebook group changed names from “Austin Petersen for President” to “Austin Petersen For U.S. Senate” Strangely though the Libertarian politician clarified he wasn’t sure which political party he would be running under a putting a poll [...]


If Gary Johnson Were A Real Libertarian He Would Be In The Debates & Have A Chance To Win. But He’s Not.

Unfortunately Gary Johnson is no real libertarian. Gary Johnson is the same moderate mess conservatives and true libertarians always complain about the Republican party always nominating. The only difference is Johnson has a different branding. The main problem is Gary Johnson fundamentally does not understand the concept of liberty. More so Johnson is just a moderate Republican who at times agrees with conservatives much like Donald Trump. Unlike Trump however Johnson brands himself as a progressive. Gary has claimed religious [...]


Libertarians Prefer Ron Paul As Nominee To Their Favorite Candidate By Slim Margin

Recently we held a poll to gauge The Conservatarian community’s choice for their favorite Libertarian Presidential Candidate which former Ron Paul for President volunteer and owner Austin Petersen won in a landslide and we added an interesting question. The question we also asked was “Would You Prefer Ron Paul To The Libertarian Candidate You Currently Support?” and we got some interesting results. Personally I thought it would be an overwhelming yes but it seems Dr.Paul only got 52% saying yes. However [...]


Austin Petersen Wins Our Libertarian Party Poll In Landslide!

In a landslide victory Entrepreneur and Libertarian Party activist Austin Petersen won our poll by nearly a 2-1 margin to his nearest competitor Gary Johnson. This is coming off of a strong week for Petersen where he was nearly endorsed by Conservatarian radio host Glenn Beck after a strong debate performance. Final Results, screen shot done at 5:20pm on 5/23/2016 This has become Petersen’s third impressive showing in our polls. The first was in February where he came second in a [...]


POLL: Who Do You Support For The Libertarian Party Nomination?

With the almost certainty of a Clinton VS Trump Presidential Face-off and an all time high number of independent voters the Libertarian Party nomination has become more valuable then ever! Recently in fact when put in polling Governor Gary Johnson has pulled an impressive 11% meaning there is an electorate hungry for a third choose. All three of the men in this poll would more then likely gain the same numbers  and according to Johnson himself Mickey Mouse would [...]


POLL: Who Won The Libertarian Party Fox Business Debates? Johnson, McAfee or Petersen?

One small step for man. One giant step for Libertarian Party kind… That is with the Libertarian Party Fox Business Debates during John Stossel’s show, Stossel. Though the debates are not live they are the first nationally televised debates for the party’s primary and to my knowledge this is the first time the Libertarian Party or LP has had three decently qualified candidates for a run with some competition. Those three men are… – Former New Mexico Governor & Entrepreneur, Gary Johnson – Founder [...]