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Ron Paul Receiving A Presidential Electoral College Vote Without Running Is Proof Of His Enormous Impact.

[It’s Happening] Three time Presidential Candidate  and 12 term libertarian Republican Congressman Ron Paul just passed a large mile stone in his path towards the White House. He has finally won an electoral college vote but he didn’t even run for president! This huge honor just shows what a large influence Ron Paul has been not on just the Republican Party but America in a whole. (Please note he is done with his quest towards the White House but [...]


WATCH:Leftist Newsource NowThis Makes Video Supporting Bait & Switch Con Used On Trump Supporters

In what may be a new low for left leaning news-source NowThis, they have made a video which appears to support a 25 year old conman who scammed $1,000,000 from loyal Trump supporters trying to win a dinner with their chosen presidential candidate. The video in question is made in traditional NowThis style (Pictures overlayed with text that is extremely loose with the facts) and shows what seems to be a real news story however a bias is extremely [...]