Today is the FITN (First In The Nation) Primary in New Hampshire and on the Republican side 8 candidates carry their campaign on (9 if you include Gilmore). However many more have their name on the ballot here. The most important of those suspended candidates still on the ballot is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Rand Paul enjoyed a huge grassroots support just like his Father nationwide. However Rand suspended his campaign after placing 5th in Iowa with only 5%. The campaign and Senator Paul himself cited he saw no clear path to victory and needed to focus on his face for his senate seat. With all this said Rand Paul still has his name on the ballot and still has a large support structure in New Hampshire like the supporters below.

Rand Paul supporters in New Hampshire

Rand Paul supporters in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state with a libertarian streak hidden within its normally moderate tendencies. Traditionally Christian Conservative candidates do not usually fair well in this contest  which is probably the reason liberal Republicans Donald Trump and John Kasich are making their last stands here. in 2012 Rand’s father Ron Paul finished in a strong 2nd using that libertarian streak behind moderate Mitt Romney. Chances are a large amount of his followers will not want to vote again for a war and debt candidate. Which leaves us with the question today as how many votes will Rand Paul get? Possibly enough votes to beat Republican candidates actually still running. Only time will tell.