“Standing Up For Our Right” is our slogan around The Conservatarian it is something that we do not take lightly but make sure we live up to. With every Facebook post, Tweet or Article we make we strive to Stand Up For Your Rights as well as our own. We do this by making sure with every article we are…

1. Promoting Our Individual Liberties Protesting Our Rights
First and foremost we make sure everything we do is striving to “Stand Up For Our (God Given) Rights” highlighted within the Constitution. We most certainly do have a bias at The Conservatarian and it is towards liberty. With that stated, we strive to enforce our bias regardless of the person, organization or group that is standing against our rights.

2. Holding Journalistic Integrity
We may not be Journalists but the idea of journalistic integrity is something we strive to give you here. I (Ron Johns, Editor-In-Chief) personally want you to be able to come to The Conservatarian and know what you are reading is true. Even if biased we will not slant the truth to fit our convictions. With our Journalistic Integrity, we will remove stories we find untrue, update things we may get wrong and refuse to publish pieces we find unfair to innocent bystanders or unproven.

3. Publishing Great Content
There are plenty of blogs discussion politics if you are coming to The Conservatarian we want you to know we appreciate you. The best way we can show our appreciation is to publish not only good content but great content. Something that makes you come back for more or actually read what you click on. That content is what we strive to deliver to you at The Conservatarian.

So take us at our word when we say “Standing Up For Your Rights” we mean it.