Who would believe it major publications… lie?? Well yes it happens more often then you’d think. However within the past 24 hours the mainstream media and even some right wing websites have published stories about an outright fabricated story. The story in question is that Ron Paul is voting for Jill Stein, this story is false.

A major conservative  publication Red Alert Politics ran a story entitled “Ron Paul says Johnson isn’t libertarian, will vote for Jill Stein [VIDEO]”. About 30 seconds into the video Ron Paul responds to  a left wing MSNBC reporter “Well I think there is a little bit of misinformation there because I haven’t endorsed anyone.”

Ron Paul did however praise Stein for her non-interventionist polices which was followed by him then praising Johnson and even Trump for a few of their policies. In summary The grandfather of the tea party endorsed no one but the non-aggression principal. Earlier in the year Ron did however endorse his son Rand Paul which we agreed with and endorsed as well. Ron did near the end of the interview say it was sad there was no candidate to support a full message of liberty.

Full Video Of the interview below. Watch around 0:35 to see Ron Paul deny any endorsement of Jill Stein.