Main Admin for The Conservatarian so that would make me the main man behind the page

I am first and foremost a Christian and everything else is secondary. I find my identity and value in Jesus Christ.

Politically I am a registered Republican and say my views lean very conservative to the point of libertarian. I believe people’s rights derive from their creators not their governments.

Personally I am a 25 year old male. I was born and raised in the great city of Toledo, Ohio. I graduated from high school at Maumee High School and got my bachelors degree in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from The University of Toledo. I have made my career in advertising sales and helping small businesses with their marketing. This blog is not a job but a hobby. Fun Fact, I once talked about how much I despised authoritarianism for about an hour on a date. Great dinner topic.

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God Bless & In Liberty
-Ron Johns Jr.