Rand Paul's Return - The Conservatarian

Rand Paul's Return - The ConservatarianAs a liberty guy tonight was awesome for me, so awesome I just had to post about it. Please excuse the bare bones website but I just had to post about Rand Paul’s excellent stand for liberty! Just as I was sinking into a partial Kasich-fueled slumber I was ecstatic to see a robust Rand Paul come out of no-where and show his true colors.

It has been 4 long years but I can say I finally got to see another Paul-Family debate performance. The last few debates have been hard for those in the liberty crowd with the few minutes of speaking time for Rand and even fewer questions but this debate Rand showed his skill.

Rand Paul was fully able to articulate not only a fiscally conservative spending and taxation policy but also a true conservative Ronald Reagan-esque Foreign policy. Rand Paul was finally able to set himself a part. Rand did this by…

1.Defending Peace Through Strength Policy

Arnold Peace Through Strength

Now let me begin this by saying I am primarily a fiscal conservative but at the same am very pro-life. I believe it is important all life is held precious especially our men and women’s in uniform’s. That is why I loved Rand taking this sometimes difficult stand. It is always easy to be a fear monger and grab a gun to shoot but it takes true courage to negotiate. Rubio, Fiorina and others showed exactly where they stood on this issue tonight.

2.Attacking ALL Spending

Tom Coburn Cutting Credit Card

Gotta Cut It All

Like I said I am a fiscal conservative, I loved what Rand had to say. 1 Trillion dollars is 1 trillion dollars regardless of where it goes and 1 Trillion out of the private sector is a big problem. Rubio says he’s for small government but supports popular government growth programs like College Debt Subsidization (which fuels the ever increasing cost of higher ed) and Over-Militarization (which uses funds for the army not needed to make voters feel good). Rand took this hard stance and while he didn’t emphasis his tax plan as much I think this strong performance will make many view it again.

3.Showing A Deep Understanding Of ALL Issues 

Took just one sentence for Rand to prove what every candidate has been trying to say for weeks, Trump is an airhead. He was able to do this because he took the times to know the issues and took the times to read the bills. In high school I was often told good athletes become great in practice not in the game. It seems Rand Paul showed that. Rand Paul was read up on the issues and this debate he was able to use that knowledge he stored. This statement is not only for this occurrence though but this whole debate. Rand did his homework and it showed.

I am no political pundit but I as well as you probably have the same qualifications as one. So let me say I think this debate performance will launch Rand Paul back into the 2nd Tier and well onto his way for victory in New Hampshire. So keep it marked in your memory, November 10th 2015. The day Rand Paul’s campaign came back.