Rand Kept His Word. He is Right to Skip The Minor League Debates.

Consistency a character trait we all look for in our leaders but one very few people truly seem to care about. We want people who will keep their word regardless of the situation but when the situation looks too grim there is always someone saying they should break their promises. There is also the crowd that wants a candidate that will stand with the right issue regardless of the political backlash but those are the same people to stump for Trump, the guy that has switched his whole campaign to fit the voters.

Consistency is important because it shows the character in a person to do what’s right regardless of if its popular or not. Reagan for example was extremely unpopular for letting gas prices rise and for keeping “Star Wars” (The Outerspace Missile Protection Program) running. He was berated as a mismanager of the economy and a senile old fart who didn’t know how to run a country. But because Reagan pressed on with policies he knew were correct he got us out of the oil shortage of the early 80’s and helped bankrupt the Soviet’s.It is this consistency that is needed to run a nation effectively without appearing weak to your enemies and to show yourself strong to your allies. And it is consistency that is needed to keep pressing conservative principles even when things get rough.

There is one person in the 2016 with near complete consistency of record and that man is Senator Rand Paul.

Rand Paul - We Have Come To Take Our Country Back

Rand Paul has shown himself not only consistent on his thought pattern and policy but he’s shown himself consistent with his words. Just about two weeks ago on CNN Rand Paul said I am confident we will make the main debate but if we do not I will not participate in the junior league debate and guess what he kept his word. Rand didn’t switch positions like many of his “high profile rivals”, he stayed consistent. Rand Paul said he wouldn’t succumb to the media and he hasn’t, something literally no other campaign has done. From Christie down to Trump they all beg and grovel in their own way for media attention and they pretty much get it. Rand Paul has stood firmed.

This is What Rand Paul would Have Looked Like Returning to the Debates

Rand would have looked this weak if he bent his knee to FOX & The RNC.

But imagine this, what if Rand did say “Okay you guys are right. I’ll debate, I was wrong.” You know what he’d sound like a beta bro. And who wants a beta bro negotiating with Iran, Syria or Russia? I certainly don’t. Rand is in a position of strength. He has 1,000 precinct captains, Matt Kibbe says they have recognized over 30,000 people to caucus for him and he’s quite ironically getting more media attention than ever before.

Rand Paul made the right decision. While other campaigns let the Donald Trump addicted media determine their fate Rand Paul is blazing a new trail. He is  the only candidates to tell the party elites he won’t play their games. Rand has shown he won’t only stick by his policies but his word as well, unlike some candidates. Rand is on the path to make history in Iowa I think he will shock quite a lot of people February 1st in the Iowa Caucus.

What do you think, was Rand right to skip the debate or wrong? Comment below…