To my delight I wasn’t shot or jumped. I was flipped off, told to (FILL IN THE BLANK) off and called a racist a few times but not physically attacked… I was lucky. With that however I got a lot of people happy we were out there that were Black, White, Arab, Man, Woman and any other kind of person you can think of.

Trump Sign Wave The Conservatarian

I And Drew Blazick At The Trump Sign Wave At Secor And Central

I was told this was a cocky move. I was told thanking people for voting for my candidate was incendiary, that it was unpolitically correct.  My question is what do you think Hillary Clinton and her supporters would be doing if she won?

We can guess that if Hillary Clinton won she would be on every major Television network screaming at the top of her lungs for joy. Her supporters would be marching in the street (possibly not looting or vandalizing). City governments would shut down just for a day of celebration. Heck Clinton would probably rent billboards out and TV time just to celebrate. In her words she would say “America has been saved from a great evil”, “#WithHer” would be plastered everywhere you could see. You can bet this would be just the tip of the iceberg.

What we know is Hillary already had extravagant celebrations planned. For the night of her celebration alone it was leaked through Huma’s computer that a big money fireworks provider was already hired (source). TMZ reports that her election celebration already had every celebrity from New York to California in attendance (source). It is obvious that Hillary had many upon many celebrations planned.  Hillary was so ready to win that it is my belief she didn’t even have a victory speech written thus why she couldn’t speak to her supporters the night of her loss.

With all this said liberals saying “me celebrating my candidate won is rubbing salt in the wound” is the height of hypocrisy. When Obama beat Romney we never heard it from neo-liberals then. In fact they were celebrating as much as they are crying and pouting right now. See that is the neo-liberal a.k.a. Authoritarian way.

In the authoritarian mind it is wrong for you to celebrate a win but for them it is perfectly fine. In the authoritarian mind it is rude to make fun of others unless of course those others are Christians, Republicans or even their own if they disagree with them. Finally in the authoritarian world they love free speech but of coarse any speech that they disagree with is not free speech. The Authoritarian Neo-liberal mindset  is the ultimate of inconsistencies, the peak of hypocrisy.

The whole authoritarian strategy is to

1. Hit
2. Blame

and this has been their strategy through-out the whole election. Matter of fact it has most likely been their strategy the whole existence of being within the Democratic Party. Most likely us conservatives, libertarians and really just America loving independents have fallen for it because we are just too trusting to think a single person could do something so evil for just political power.

Authoritarians will attack us then blame us when we fight back even if just in words. The tactic is called bird dogging
The more they called me dumb they provoke, we react then they blame and publicize. These are people that will sell out another person for simply a “like” or for more “views” just so they can look better. Hmmmmm what do they call that in high school… OH YEAH, that’s bullying. Authoritarians bully common day Americans and try to make us look stupid for just fighting for our rights and standing up to them. To be honest that is exactly why I had a sign wave for Trump and that is why I voted for Trump.

Donald Trump is not the perfect candidate but in contrast to Hillary Clinton he looks the part. The more that I was told not to like Trump the more I liked Trump and the more the media called Trump dumb the more I knew they called me dumb. When Hillary Clinton called half of Trump supporters deplorable she called me deplorable. Matter of fact she called you just daring to read this deplorable. She called all of us deplorable for daring to oppose her queenship. And let me add in, if this was like the movie “Groundhog” day and they considered the right thing to do to advance the day was to vote Hillary Clinton I would gladly vote Trump each and everyday of my life on repeat just to spite the establishment.

When I planned this admittedly small act of defiance (only 3 people came out. Others wished to come but feared

The Conservatarian Trump Sign Wave

Josh and I at The Trump Sign Wave. He wore a Trump mask he got at the store.

retaliation) I could feel that spite and really that passion in my spirit. I was born in a free country and I refuse to let the land of my birth be a place where my free speech is silenced by political bullies. Those political bullies called me a racist, told me to F**off and probably some more names I could not hear. They video taped me taunting me hoping to make a fool of me and tarnish my name. Not because I think less of another race because I don’t. Not because I was rude. I told those that cursed me “God Bless”. Really not for any other reason than for me believing in a view contrary to them.

During the protest me and my friend Josh were approached by two folks that turned out to be rather nice, but they weren’t to begin with. A man and a woman. I won’t give their names because even if they were nasty I wouldn’t want a moment of foolishness to be held against them their whole lives. Jesus said in Luke when he was being whipped by Roman soldiers being brought to the cross “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”.  Not that my act is equivalent but the principle is the same many don’t know what they do and just follow the media and up until recently bad role models like our President, and former secretary of state who promoted hate among those awful deplorables.

But the man brought a sign he wrote that said racist and intended to hold it next to me everytime someone took a picture. I simply told him that is rude and he stopped. But imagine I made up rude comments and help them next to people. Held a sign that said “fat” next to a bulimic woman, “weird” next to a new kid entering school or maybe a sign that said “unwanted” next to a homeless person. That would be rude and disgusting much like what this man intended to do to me. He intended to tarnish my name and put a label on me (see above section on bullying and hypocrisy). I did not strike this man but people have been hit for less (not by me but by others). I’ve been blessed with an extreme amount of patience and I simply told him not to be rude.

After the sign was put away we talked and they repeated many media talking points those at CNN, CBS and ABC have sadly been poisoning the minds of the populace with. That I and Josh are racist that we believe this and that. We had a civil discussion and I believe they sincerely came away with a different thought process. The left would call it “a more open mind“.

After this I and Josh got coffee with another man who said he voted for Jill Stein but he really doesn’t think Trump is that bad. This thought has cost him friendships and has almost made him an outcast with some friends all simply on a thought. Wow.

My Make America Great Again Hat At One Of My Favorite Coffee Shops

My Make America Great Again Hat At One Of My Favorite Coffee Shops

So why did I do a Trump sign wave? Hopefully its obvious. The Trump sign wave was a simple act of defiance to the media, the bullies of authoritarianism and the bullies of racism on the left. People don’t tell Americans what to do. 1776 was a revolution that was not meant to die at the hands of a politically correct society too pampered to even discuss their own liberty. It is much the same reason I wear my “Make America Great Again” hat just about everywhere I go now-a-days. I refuse to be intimidated. So I guess the reason I did a Trump sign wave was the same exact reason I and  America voted for Trump in the first place.

To Make America Great Again.

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