March 23rd, 2010 Obamacare was pushed on to the nation’s population by President Barack Obama and his government loving party members in the House and Senate. The next day Republicans running for office made the repeal of the bill a main campaign promise and campaign a main campaign objective. So the question is what should be done to Republicans who are reneging on their promise? NOT the promise to “replace” Obamacare but the promise to REPEAL Obamacare.

Often our elected officials will say that the repeal of Obamacare is not “politically viable”, that the legislation would not pass. However, that has never stopped Democrats from pushing an idea and it never stopped Republicans either. In fact, in 2015 all 52 Republican Senators at the time voted for a bill that according to the repealed much of Obamacare. So one has to ask, what is the major difference between 2015 and 2017? I’ll tell you the difference, today in 2017 an Obamacare repeal actually has a chance of passing.

Many Republican politicians in the House and Senate never intended to repeal Obamacare they merely wanted a high paying seat in our national government and didn’t care what they had to say to get there. Many of our elected officials have nil to none actual political beliefs or foundational thoughts. They don’t have a compass like the non-aggression principle, free market individualism or some other place to guide their thoughts. Many of our elected officials merely go on how other people vote, how the media tells them to vote or simply how they think their constituents would want them to vote. The ultimate irony is their consistents vote for Republicans because they want a conservative. The exact thing many Republicans refuse to be because they are scared they will lose the next general election. But trust me if you these R.I.N.O (Republicans In Name Only)  don’t start voting how we want them they won’t have to worry about the next general election.

Grow A Backbone

We conservatives, libertarians and independents voted for our Republican office holders to repeal Obamacare. It is time they do just that. The 40 or more Senators refusing to join with Rand Paul and completely repeal Obamacare need to grow a backbone and do what they were sent to Washington to do. Repeal every single stinking ounce of Obamacare.



We Republicans get every excuse the book why every one of our positions can’t pass. In other words why our positions aren’t attractive or why we can’t sell them. But there absolutely nothing wrong with our ideas if anything there is something wrong with our salesman and women we send to Washington D.C. Someone that can’t even take their own yet expects everyone else to take it is insane. Of course, no one will believe they have superior ideas if even they don’t.

For example, many Republicans want to keep the very elements of Obamacare that make it popular with liberals and eliminate what young people hate. The only logical reason is that Establishment Republicans think this will get the GOP more votes with young people, make conservatives hip and other BS. Which in the short term it may but in the longterm would just make the problem that much worse.

It’s like us Republicans are selling primo affordable houses in good neighborhoods and the Democrats are selling subsidized broken rent controlled apartments in the ghetto and we are trying to compete with them on the same points. Yeah, their product is free and yeah everyone gets the same thing. But yeah it ALL SUCKS!! So why are we Republicans trying to sell that our apartments will be “a little more expensive”, “maybe not cover everyone” and “it might be scary some people’s places are different”. Those are horrible selling techniques.

Our Republicans Senators should be selling that in our apartments yeah you’ll pay for them but “You won’t be killed in them”, “You be able to make your house your own” and this is a “Sustainable solution that won’t break in 5 years”. Our side has so much to sell, literally the best product out there. Freedom and the free markets but for some stupid reason we refuse to sell it.

We’ll Restart The Tea Party

With all this said if our current sales force of House members and Senators can’t “sell”  the full repeal of Obamacare then they need to be gotten rid of. Plain and simple.

The only reason our Senators are not voting to repeal Obamacare is because…

A. They don’t believe the repeal of Obamacare is for the good of the nation
B. They don’t think the repeal of Obamacare is for the good of their political career

But either reason is a fireable offense. Us conservatives, libertarians, independents and ultimately Republicans did not hire our congressmen to work around Obamacare. We hired them to flat out repeal Obamacare.

If our Senators don’t believe the repeal of Obamacare is for the good of the nation but campaigned on it then they are liars and we don’t want them. If our Senators don’t think the repeal of Obamacare is for the good of their political career then they are putting themselves in front of us (their employer) and we once again don’t want them.

It is often ironic men like Donald Trump and Kid Rock are said to be unqualified for politics yet men like Rob Portman and John McCain somehow are. The first two men have careers built on them keeping contracts, deals, and promises. The last two are politicians so much the opposite and as I explained earlier many of these politicians don’t even have solid frameworks for their political beliefs. So who is really “qualified” to hold office the man that keeps his word but is still working on his political beliefs or the man who lies, has been in office your child’s whole life and STILL hasn’t developed his political beliefs.

So as I close up the question has to be said what should be done with these traitors to America who promised to have our interests in mind but renege on the promise? It’s simple we do whatever it takes to get them out even if that means letting them be replaced by a Democrats.

I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing we gotta vote for “John Republican” or “Lisa Democrat” wins because quite frankly it doesn’t matter much if John wins if he votes like Mrs.Democrat. Too often we have let this slide but the repeal of Obamacare vote is so crucial, so critical and so vital that is a Republican Senator or Congressman votes for it there should be no forgiveness. That is our Republican officials stabbing us in the back and I would much rather have the frontal stab from the Democrat official who is at least honest enough to face me as he harms me.

If a Republican Congressman votes no to repeal Obamacare it doesn’t matter who they are real, Republicans around the country should not only oppose that person in a primary but everywhere they can. That Republican should be primaried, exiled from the party and even recalled. Susan Collins of Maine will not be up for re-election till 2020, Maine Republicans should recall her and make that as soon as they can. Same goes for Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, she won’t be up till 2022.

We need more real Republicans like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz who understand the value in the positions we Conservatarians hold. Free markets are a good thing that reduce costs and improve quality. If a Republican congressman is too stupid to see that they should be replaced. Quite frankly we do not need seat fillers, we need people in Washington ready to lead.

It is time Republicans start back the Tea Party of 2010 and start primarying and recalling Republicans regardless of cost and capital. In 2010 Republicans needed the House, then they needed the Senate and lastly, Republicans needed the Presidency. Republicans have all three and it is time they kept their promise or find a new job.

Update: It seems sitting Senators cannot be recalled however they obviously can be primaried and it seems primary efforts are forming for R.I.N.O. Republican Senators already. One example is which is already up and running.