2020 Presidential Poll - The Conservatarian

Despite what the media says about Donald Trump’s popularity it is not swaying amongst his conservative and libertarian supporters at our Facebook page The Conservatarian. In a sweeping landslide victory, America’s current commander in chief won 93% of the poll’s total vote to the question “If the 2020 election were tomorrow who would get your vote?”.

198 Total Votes: 184 – Trump / 14 – Clinton

With 198 total votes, the 45th President of the United States received 184 votes and Crooked Hillary Clinton received only 14 total votes. It is obvious support for the President remains strong after his nearly 1 year in the Presidency.

Many Conservatarians laud Trump for not only his limited government beliefs but his ability to follow through on his promises. This is something Republicans have long struggled with from President Bush to even Presidental contenders like John McCain and Mitt Romney. We have long been searching for someone like Ronald Reagan who not only talked a good game but performed one.  Trump can be seen following through on his word through executive orders, judicial appointments and within passed legislation like the recent tax reform legislation passed.

Rand Paul, the write-in candidate?

With all this said though it should be noted many in our audience clamored for a third choice. The most popular third choice was the libertarian Republican Kentucky junior Senator, Rand Paul. Rand Paul is well known for his staunch fiscally conservative positions on the economy while holding a dovish foreign policy much like the late Ronald Reagan (God Bless his soul). Though Rand Paul is the most popular third choice it should be noted he and president Donald Trump have much in common.

During the Republican Primary contest, there was a clear rift between Rand Paul and Donald Trump. However, with time has came friendship and the two can be seen working on many important issues together from tax reform to healthcare to even cutting government waste. The President has said, “When you get Rand Paul on your side, it has to be positive, that I can tell you,”. In turn, Senator Paul has said: “I’m very glad to be a part of this and I really want to commend the president for having the boldness and the leadership and the foresight to get this done.”

The mainstream media has a narrative they are trying to create that says because Republicans lost the Republican senate race in the red state of Alabama and the governorship of the light blue state of Virginia that its base is turning on the part. Of course, this is all linked back to Trump by them. However, this can be seen to be untrue.

Conservatives, Libertarians, and Conservatarians still seem to have a home in the Republican party and this poll shows many of them still support President Trump. Days before the 2016 Election this page The Conservatarian endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency of The United States of America. I am pleased to say we still support our president and as the Editor & Chief, I am glad to see you all do as well.