Republican Healthcare reform has long had two sides. The establishment Obamacare-lite plan pushed by RINO Paul Ryan and the free market plan championed by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  President Trump has been helping Ryan against his supporter’s wishes push a very unpopular solution… that is until now.

Donald J. Trump tweeted out “they (Republican Senators) should immediately REPEAL, and then REPLACE at a later date!”. This all comes after this Tuesday Trump met with Rand Paul where Healthcare was most likely discussed.

Rand has been debating with the Trump administration about their healthcare position since the beginning of Trump Presidency and it finally seems he is gaining major headway. Rand has always much preferred the idea of an actual repeal before a replacement. His argument is there is simply too much wrong with Obamacare to fix. Instead of trying to erase all of the mistakes Republicans need to just get a new piece of paper. Politically this is also a good idea.

One of Trump campaign promises (and the whole Republican party’s promises since 2010) was to repeal Obamacare. Something that should be a very simple task, however people keep arguing about the replacement. Rand Paul’s proposal lets Congressmen vote for or against Obamacare. This makes RINOS choose to be conservative or shoot themselves in the foot. This also ties Democrats in red and purple states directly to Obamacare’s problems. After the repeal is passed as well Republicans will have 2 years or more based on the details agreed upon to find a replacement.

Rand Paul has long said Obamacare’s repeal is a must and so have Republican voters. In fact, many on the right doubted Donald J. Trump’s commitment to the Repeal of Obamacare including Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and even us at this publication.  With this latest tweet, President Trump is definitely turning some heads of those in the most conservative circles. Now if Trump follows through on this tweet it will definitely cement him as a conservative president.