Libertarian Party Debates Poll - The ConservatarianOne small step for man. One giant step for Libertarian Party kind…

That is with the Libertarian Party Fox Business Debates during John Stossel’s show, Stossel. Though the debates are not live they are the first nationally televised debates for the party’s primary and to my knowledge this is the first time the Libertarian Party or LP has had three decently qualified candidates for a run with some competition.

Those three men are…

– Former New Mexico Governor & Entrepreneur, Gary Johnson
– Founder of McAfee (Computer Security), John McAfee
– Founder of, Austin Petersen

The debate had its moments inspiring and downright creepy. When Petersen answered critics calling him “12 years old” citing the founders age in 1776, many being his age or younger. Then there was Johnson kissing McAfee on the cheek and it being rather weird. Also in the debate Johnson supported forcing Christian bakers to bake for Gay couples. Don’t know if the two events correlate but I’ll leave that to you to decide. Click (HERE) to see a picture of the event. Not putting in the post because I know how us Libertarians and conservatives get about media steering. So this way you will be uninfluenced by a picture of two of the candidates kissing/receiving a kiss.

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Editor’s Note: The Conservatarian has endorsed Ted Cruz for the Republican Primary for President once Rand Paul dropped out of the Race. At this time we have made no formal endorsement for The Libertarian Primary.