A question I’ve been wondering since we endorsed Ted Cruz for President after our former candidate Rand Paul dropped out is who would be his VP? Often the Vice President is just an appointment for votes or to strengthen your ticket but can become the president in unfortunate circumstances.

The Vice President has a very special platform as they have nearly as much political influence as the President. Normally the VP will help direct policy and platforms but you haven’t seen that over the last 8 years as much because I’m not sure they let Uncle Joe do too much.

Below is a list of possible choices for Vice President I think Ted may be considering. Note two are Drumpf supporters (Carson & Palin) however I included them because of their popularity among Conservatarian readers. Other explanations for candidates are made in first name alphabetical order.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson - The ConservatarianNot a popular character now a days due to his out of character Drumpf endorsement however he did win out Conservatarian Straw Poll once Rand dropped out. Ben was actually my first choice to be Vice President before The Conservatarian even endorsed Ted Cruz. His calm and cool demeanor mixed with his conservative politics makes him a great choice. He seems like a very unifying voice however his name has recently been tarnished for good cause after endorsing Donald Drumpf (the man that compared him to a child molester).


Carly Fiorina
Carly Fiorina - The Conservatarian
Always one for a great one liner and able to deliver it well to Carly seems to be the top choice for a VP as far. Carly recently endorsed Cruz after leaving the primaries with a decent amount of support. Mrs.Fiorina has been to plenty of Cruz events and I’m sure the GOP would love to have the first female VP to fight the false “war on women” narrative. Carly is personally too hawkish for my tastes but she seems like a strong contender.


Jim WebbJim Webb - The Conservatarian

Jim Webb, the only Democrat to be on this list. Jim ran as the last common sense Democrat. A veteranwho worked for Ronald Reagan with a strong anti-war message, belief that ALL lives matter and moderate economic stances. Jim was placed here for the idea of a fusion ticket and to give this list a little more diversity. Because most of you might not know Jim below is a video for you to get a little more acquitted with him.

Lastly Jim recently said he refuses to vote for Hillary Clinton who he believes would be the most hawkish candidate.

Ken Cuccinelli
Ken Cuccinelli - The Conservatarian

A strong conservative who came in a close 2nd for a senate race in 2013 in his home state of Virgina. Cuccinelli a former state attorney general for Virginia knows how to stand up to big government like Cruz and has done so recently by joining with fellow list mate Rand Paul  in suing the NSA in 2014. Cuccinelli is strong in the Virginia political scene and endorsed Cruz last December.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee - The ConservatarianElected in the 2016 Tea Party wave along with Rand Paul, Mike Lee is a bold proponent for Liberty. Mike has recently endorsed Ted Cruz for President prior to the state he represents, Utah does their voting this Tuesday. Lee holds a strong record and would make a strong VP.



Rand Paul

Rand Paul - The Conservatarian

The son of the father of the modern Tea Party, Ron Paul, Rand Paul has liberty flowing through his blood. Rand’s campaign never took off outside of millennials and the liberty caucus but his run cemented him as a leading senator and voice for liberty. Rand was our original endorsement and would be a great pick for Vice President. However regardless of where he goes I know he will be a great fighter for liberty.


Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin - The Conservatarian

Former Vice Presidential candidate and former Alaskan Governor has become a staple of Conservative politics whether you like her or not. Regardless of the list she is always brought up for nomination. Palin for myself is a mystery one hand she’ll say something very conservative that is almost libertarian but then on the other hand she’ll go endorse Drumpf. We had to put her in.



Scott Walker

Scott Walker - The Conservatarian

Scott Walker is a marvel in politics, a man without a degree from any university. Just a hard working Harley riding guy. I think nothing wrong with his lack of degree but think it would be a great asset for a Cruz administration. He could use Walker to stress education instead of institutions. Whats the point of a degree if you cant or dont use it? Walker has yet to endorse anyone anyone but Drumpf. Could see him being the nominee one day but at this point he’d probably just rather lead his state. Which is turning around thanks to conservative principles.


Steve Lonegan

Steve Lonegan - The ConservatarianWithout a doubt the least known on the list but someone Cruz should most certainly consider. Lonegan is a solid conservative from New Jersey, the exact opposite of Christie. Lonegan actually primaried Christie but lost a few years ago. Steve has ran for a number of offices after serving as Bogotta’s mayor and I am sure he will eventually get into one.

Steve’s conservative principles would do great for the campaign and him being a northerner would help Cruz grab that demographic. Lonegan has been a Cruz supporter for a while and is currently the New Jersey state chairman.

For those of you not familiar with Steve here is an excellent video of him debating Senator Cory Booker before he won his seat.

Honorable Mentions
Ron Paul – The father of the Tea Party and the man that made me realize I am a Conservatarian. I did not include Ron Paul because it seems Rand has taken up the family passion for liberty in the political realm. As much as I’d like to see a President Ron Paul I don’t think Ron Paul would want to see that anymore. But happy semi-retirement Dr.Paul! You can keep up with him still via Facebook

Marco Rubio – Once thought to be a giant conservative but is now strangely viewed as the races largest moderate. Marco recently said Ted “was the only conservative left in the race”. However in the same interview he said he does not want to e disrespectful but is not looking to become anyone’s vice president.