Libertarian Party Debates Poll - The ConservatarianWith the almost certainty of a Clinton VS Trump Presidential Face-off and an all time high number of independent voters the Libertarian Party nomination has become more valuable then ever! Recently in fact when put in polling Governor Gary Johnson has pulled an impressive 11% meaning there is an electorate hungry for a third choose. All three of the men in this poll would more then likely gain the same numbers  and according to Johnson himself Mickey Mouse would probably get an even higher percentage.

With all this said the LP nomination is more important then ever and we at The Conservatarian want to know what you think. Tell us below in the polls or comments…

The choices in the first poll are
– Former New Mexico Governor & Entrepreneur, Gary Johnson
– Founder of McAfee (Computer Security), John McAfee
– Founder of, Austin Petersen

In the second poll we wanted to gauge how popular Ron Paul would be amongst Libertarian Party voters who may have already chosen a candidate. This was inspired by the petition to draft Ron Paul for The LP nominee. We wanted to see if adding Ron Paul to the poll would change anything.

An article will be written on Monday announcing the results and findings.