The Conservatarian - Endorsement

The Conservatarian – Endorsement

It is sad to say but our endorsed candidate Rand Paul is out of the Republican Race. Normally we would refuse to re-nominate out of principal however with the passing of Judge Antonin Scalia and horrendous liberal like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and to a less progressive degree Hillary Clinton we see no choice but to help another Conservatarian in their quest for the presidency.

To do this we will be considering many factors including record of speech, record of votes, did they promise to nominate Judge Napalitono for the United States Supreme Court and also we will be gauging you our readers to see what you think. After all is said and done I will meet with the forming writing staff and we will decide on a candidate to endorse. Also Kasich, Trump, Clinton and Sanders are not included because they are absolute totalitarian liberals, enemies of freedom.

Polling will be occurring till next Thursday which would be February the 25th. At that time we will decide which candidate is more than likely the least bad option to lead our country.

Let’s have a forum within the comments section of this post. Comment who your candidate is and why they are the best to lead our constitutional Republic.