Sen. Rand Paul Complete Repeal Obamacare

It is 2017 Obama is leaving office and Senator and former presidential candidate Rand Paul is hoping that Obamacare leaves with him. But Rand unlike some Republicans wants the whole bill gone not just unpopular sections of it. Rand argues that the whole bill is anti-free market and not just the individual mandate hurt the healthcare market but the added regulations as well.

Recently Rand Paul was the only Republican Senator to vote against a unbalanced budget defunding Obamacare, saying that he “won’t vote for budgets that never balance”. Which personally I think just makes sense. I mean Republicans could have simply defunded Obamacare when President Obama was still in control. Now Republicans can do whatever they want. However Rand’s amendment lost in the senate 14-8.

All may seem lost on Rand’s battle but he has not stopped fighting for the American people. Senator Rand Paul has just recently announced he will be proposing a new bill to completely repeal and immediately replace Obamacare with a free market solution.

With all this said, what are your thoughts? Do you support a complete repeal of Obamacare and the replacement being a totally free market solution?