Rand Paul V. Ted Cruz In The Conservatarian Poll

In a desperate attempt to revitalize community engagement we at The Conservatarian asked the question I was sure would start an internal war. Rand Paul or Ted Cruz? This was all after many members of our community griped “where is Rand Paul on our last poll. Well, this time they got to see him and vote for him. And vote for him they certainly did.

To my surprise, the poll wasn’t as heated of a contest as I thought with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul winning with a sweeping 60% margin beating Senator Ted Cruz 85-15. Even in the comment section, there was very little debate with all throwing their support behind Rand and many their anger at Ted.

Though with all the hate on Ted many just seemed to like Rand more but were still not “anti-Cruz”. Regular commenter Enforcer XII said what many were thinking “Cruz is good, but not Rand Paul good.”

All in all, there were a total of 130 votes in the poll. 110 for Rand Paul & 20 for Ted Cruz. Par usual the losers were all banned from the page (just kidding). Make sure to join us for our next poll on the page and like us on Facebook for more engaging content.