Petersen Endorsement

If Elected Petersen Will Be One Of The Most Liberty Minded Senators In US History. Hawley… Might Be Ok. Maybe.

If given the choice would you choose something great or would you be satisfied with something that is just okay? Even if the personal cost to you was the same and the great thing was actually less risky.

The above is the choice Republicans in Missouri will be asked this Tuesday, August 7th, 2018. If you want a Senator driven by principle that has done the hard work advocating for liberty since Ron Paul ran for President then Austin Petersen is your guy. If you want your run of the mill career politician that is swamp-ready then Josh Hawley will most likely be your guy. Both Senator will most likely support Trump but there will be a major difference. One will be great and the other, just okay.

The Difference

Petersen vs. Hawley

The main difference is principle and passion between these two candidates. As we have reported earlier in the campaign Austin Petersen is doing the work he needs to do to get elected. Petersen is campaigning hard not just so he can win but so he can help Missouri and America win. His passion is shown at every campaign stop. Josh, on the other hand, has as Politico said been mailing it in. Josh is like Jeb “low energy”. This man does not have a passion for liberty and if he does it’s not showing. That is important because if someone has passion they will stick to their principles.

In all honesty, though, both of these men will most likely be conservatarian. The question is how conservatarian do you want your representatives? Are you okay with the lowest amount of conservatarianism? Then you might be okay with Josh. If you want to see real change though you will not be okay with Josh.

We all know who wins on the issues. Petersen is the clear choice on guns, foreign policy, and plenty of other topics. On a majority of these things, Hawley will most likely be “okay”. Hawley will most likely vote the Trump agenda but what happens when Trump is no longer President is 2024 or worst case scenario 2020? How hard will Hawley fight to defend your rights? Will he just give up without having the threat of Trump calling him out on Twitter? Maybe. But I know someone that will not.

Regardless of who is President, I know Austin Petersen will fight for liberty and fight for the American people. When special interests come to him asking to buy his vote I know Austin will still vote on principle and not for power or money. When even Austin’s party says he’s wrong and wants him to vote against his principle I know what his response will be. Look Austin has already left one party I’m sure if push came to shove he wouldn’t mind leaving another to more effectively fight for America and American principles.

The difference and the choice on Tuesday Missouri is between having a great senator or a possibly okay senator. One senator (Josh Hawley) will be pulled by Trump to maybe do the right thing and probably like 75% of the time he will do the right thing. On the other hand, the other choice for senator (Austin Petersen) will push Trump to do the right thing like Rand Paul already does. Petersen will be right 95% of the time.

One voice will be a hum with the establishment chorus and the other voice will be a lead singer for the next wave of Republicanism. When you vote do you always want to just vote for average or would one day would you like your vote to actually mean something? If you are in Missouri and registered to vote your vote could actually mean something for a man that will be part of the new Conservatarian voice in Congress.

Polling has shown regards of who is picked both men beat Claire McCaskill. In fact Petersen beats Senator McCaskill by an even larger margin so why not pick him? If you are getting a better choice with a higher chance of victory the choice should be simple! In fact not voting for Petersen is dangerous to the Trump Agenda and Republican majority according to the polling data.

Do you want the brush that Missouri’s next Senator paints with to be a bold color like President Regan said we should or just a lousy ole pale pastel? Petersen will be that bold color. That is why I and The Conservatarian as a whole 110% endorse Austin Petersen. If any man in Missouri needs to be in the US Senate it is him. If you live in Missouri make sure you vote for Petersen then bring any friend, relative or complete stranger who you know will vote for Austin Petersen to the polls on August 7th, 2018.

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Seriously go vote in the primary Missouri, we are counting on you.