Not so new information reported on by multiple sources (The Daily Beast)(Politico)(The New York Times)(Sunlight Foundation)(IJ Review) show Donald Trump is not only lying about his “self funded campaign” but obviously that fact that he is self funding to begin with.

Donald has used the fact that he is self funding his campaign as a way to establish himself as an “outsider” to show he cannot be bought. Even though he has publicly admitted he buys politicians which is pretty much in the same vein of slimmy dishonesty and that he uses government programs such as bailouts for his own advantage regardless of the effect on tax payers.
Trump Claiming To Self Fund His Campaign - The Conservatarian

This “self funding” lie really shows the foundation of Trump’s campaign to be rotten and built upon untruth. Buddy the Elf played by Will Ferrell in “Elf” would best describe Trump the same way he described the fake mall Santa.


But for further obvious evidence simply google “Trump Funding” to see he’s only given $24,384,058 to his campaign out of 36,600,000 which equals 66.62%. Obviously and correctly implying the other 12+ million came from outside sources. However the first number also implies Trump truly gave these funds to his campaign which is false. Above sources claim the majority of Trump’s gifts to his campaigns are actually loans meaning he plans on getting paid back. On top of this all The Daily Beast has reported that Trump is spending a large chunk of his campaign money on his own businesses which may mean depending on if his outside fundraising continues to rise he may make a profit off running for president.

Trumos Campaign Fiance On Google

All this business of Trump claiming he is self funding his campaign is complete bull but it is also completely confusing. One must wonder if Trump is hurting for money given the fact he is being so cheap on such a large campaign. For a man with a 4 billion dollar net worth according to Forbes one would think such a small amount income wouldn’t matter to him or that he would happily spend if he truly believed it was helping people and he had a good heart. For comparison a similar expenditure (percentage wise for a person with $50,000 per year income would only be a little over $300.

One has to wonder number 1 why Trump is lying about self financing and number 2 why he isn’t just keeping his word.