Donald Trump And Putin

Before President Trump was elected to the highest office in the land “top political analysts” predicted he would have started World War III by the end of his second year. We are five months away from that day in history but it seems quite the opposite is shaping up to happen. It is likely that by the end of President Donald J. Trump’s first term we will see the most stable relationships ever between us and some of the countries labeled the world’s biggest boogiemen thanks to him simply attempting diplomacy. Most would see this as a good thing, but unfortunately most are not in politics or the mainstream media.

From the party that used to promote peace, the Democratic Party.
From the outlets that used to encourage peace, the mainstream media.
And even from the party that used to protect their leader, the Republican Party.

Trump is getting hate and vitriol for effectively meeting with another world leader to see his point of view and see how we can ally to make the world better for citizens of both countries (but mainly America). Seeing all this senseless outrage for effectively peace talks you would almost assume the establishment swamp doesn’t even want peace!

War Time Deaths, Graphic By PBS
Above is a graphic by PBS with information by the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs. Consider all these deaths above. All the people above were people that endured live long enough to fight in a war and more were children who never even lived life long enough to see a large portion of its joys. Sometimes war is inevitable but often times it is not.

Anytime the US is able to avoid war we should. The expense of American lives and American treasure is far too great to spend fighting in a senseless conflict. Everytime Trump talks with Putin, Kim Jong Un or any other world leaders wanting to kill Americans and gets them to change their mind that is a good thing. If Trump is able to save a soldier from death just by talking then that is a good thing. If Trump is able to save millions upon billions of dollars used in military aggression just by talking that is once again a good thing. That is money that can be used to rebuild our infrastructure, reduce our debt or even some stupid government program. I don’t want it going to the last thing but I’d rather have our money spent on a zoo built then on a bomb dropped killing an innocent civilian of another country. Which brings me to my final point. It isn’t just American life that is precious but all life that matter.

Anytime America avoids a conflict we not only avoid our soldiers dying but the soldiers and innocent civilians of foreign nations. We are often taught the life of an enemy soldier is useless but that soldier is a parent, sibling, and child of someone. When that person is killed it produces “blowback” or resentment of America and it produces events like 9-11. Hate only produces hate and continues the cycle. If we can break this cycle by simply producing peace through diplomacy that is something we should try. Even if it is only an 1% chance we should always at least try to resolve an issue before we simply kill someone or attack a nation. Former congressman Ron Paul spoke about this in the 2008 debates and he was 100% right then and is 100% right now.

The mainstream media has been lambasting Trump for these peace talks and it is nothing but stupid. The arguments for unnecessary war are ridiculous. It is not our job to be the world’s policemen. It’s time we put America first and actually consider the loss of life and treasure before we engage in war.