Violence Is Never An Appropriate Response To Free Speech You Disagree With.

Regardless of your political persuasion, regardless of your anger and regardless of how absolutely disgusting you feel the other side is violence is never the answer.

Today in Charlottesville, Virginia at the white nationalist “Unite The Right” Rally lead by left leaning alt-righter Richard Spencer gathered to protest the removal of a Confederate statue three were killed with many more injured. One of the dead was killed by a man who literally drove his car into a group of protesters, the other two were police officers that were involved in a helicopter crash in route to assist calm the situation in Charlottesville. In the midst of this a large number of AntiFa and Alt-Right members were injured in an all out clash of physical violence. Though in my teenage years I loved mosh pits as much as the next guy, bashing the next guys face in because he doesn’t agree with you is never the answer.

Three humans yesterday lost their lives due to senseless violence over a non-issue. It’s a statue. Regardless of your pride over southern heritage (which I believe people should be able to have), punching someone in the face should never be an outlet to show that pride. Vice versa regardless of your hate of southern heritage or what you feel is racism (which in some cases is) it is never an appropriate response to inflict violence. Regardless of your first amendment right you never have the right to hit another human across the head because they aren’t listening to you or accepting your point of view. We have a right to free speech but that doesn’t also come with the right to people’s attention or acceptance of our belief.

Verbal Debate Not Physical Violence

Our first amendment is supposed to be a means of preventing violence not creating it. Former congressman Ron Paul once said “We don’t have the freedom of speech to talk about the weather. We have the first amendment so we can say some very controversial things.”. The reason we are saying controversial things in the first place should be so we can talk about them. Not necessarily always argue about them and look good to people that agree with us, but to talk and find solutions.

Yesterday both groups AntiFa and the Alt-Right were at fault for the violence and disgrace they brought upon the great state of Virginia and the town of Charlottesville. Both groups knew darn well they weren’t going to have “peaceful” protests or they wouldn’t have brought weapons. With that said both groups have for months and years been fostering evil in their communities, hatred, and acceptance of violence that lead to the rallies outcome. Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” and guess what both sides have been planting, no good, and they are now reaping, no good. In both groups, the other side is made to look evil and lesser than, less than human in fact. Ironically this is how mass genocide is always started and allowed. No one wants to kill a person but if you make them seem less than a person then people will think its okay.

Jews were less than people in Egypt in the Old Testament. Native Americans were made to look less to allow the trail of tears. Blacks were made to look less to allow slavery. Southerners were made to look less to allow Sherman’s march. Then over and over till today. Now those the left disagrees with are ALL Nazis. Everyone the right disagrees with are degenerates. Though each side probably has a point for small or even moderate amount of people in the other group that is not representative of those with opposing ideas to their own as a whole. And even if someone is a degenerate or a Nazi they don’t deserve death for their stupid ideas.

The Golden Rule

We as a society must return to the golden rule, do unto others as you would want to be done to yourself. It is time we show respect to each other and bring debate not death to the public square. It should be widely known someone who has to use violence to push an idea most likely must do so because their idea sucks.

If society as a whole stopped fighting and started working we could be much more efficient. Also quite frankly many of these groups would find they have more in common than they think. Both the Alt-Right and AntiFa are left leaning groups promoting a violent agenda which they wish government to enforce. They both want government control economically and over social issues whether it be someone’s love life or their religious life. So really when both sides call each other Nazis they aren’t too far from the truth.

If we all stopped our virtual signaling whether it be to our right leaning friends or left leaning friends about various political issues and just talked we as a people could get much more done. If we all treated the other side with respect or at least tried America would respect politics a lot more and I think they already respect politicians that try to do this more.

With a combination of the golden rule, a non-aggression view towards violence and by focusing on the actual issues America would be in a lot better place. To put this all really simply if you get angry talking about politics remember when you hit someone as a kid and your mom said: “keep your hands to yourself”. Well listen to you mom and really consider stop talking about politics.