As editor and chief at The Conservatarian and a staunch Conservatarian this is something I never wanted to write… ever. We first endorsed Senator Rand Paul then Senator Ted Cruz and we even put a little hope in the Libertarian party hoping Austin Petersen would get the nomination but he didn’t. Here at The Conservatarian we pride ourselves in “Standing Up For Our Rights” and sitting out this election is not doing that.

This election has came down to two people. Billionaire Donald Trump and career criminal Hillary Clinton. Gary Johnson has crashed and burned with a liberal vice-president pick that has in effect self destructed their campaign to help the single most corrupt person to ever run for president. Jill Stein while at least principled is crazy like Uncle Bernie but even she has said “Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is much scarier than Donald Trump’s, who does not want to go to war with Russia. #PeaceOffensive” . Even Jill Stein has endorsed Trump over Clinton (source)

Donald J. Trump is truly our last hope as Americans to defeat Hillary Clinton and has my (Ron Johns) full endorsement as editor and chief of The Conservatarian. Trump is not perfect and out of his 16 other rivals he was pretty far down the list hovering just above Kasich. I have personally wrote and posted much about how awful Trump is and how I would never support him. Which makes this that much harder to write. However I am writing this because not to act is to act and I cannot sit by and let our country fall apart without trying to save it. I now believe the last hope for this year to help save America politically is to elect Donald J. Trump as president.  Three elements have changed my mind personally to allow me to come to a complete endorsement of Trump. They are as follows in the order of importance.

1.Hillary Clinton Is A Criminal That Must Be Stopped
Mrs.Clinton truly is a first in American politics. When I say this I am not meaning anything about her gender but I mean her criminal record. Hillary Clinton is at best a felon and at worst a traitor to the United States Of America. Hillary has a proven record of selling American interests for her benefit, selling her influence as secretary of state and even of so badly preforming her job that four men died because of it.

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency will be for sale. Like an infomercial foreign dictators and donors will be able to call the White house and order whatever they want. Clinton has a history of selling out the American public while the Secretary of State under President Obama please don’t think she won’t do it again. (source)

To expound upon Clinton’s crimes please remember the Project Veritas videos which showed her colluding one on one with Super PACs and paying protestors to create riots and violence (source).  Hillary will do literally whatever it takes to become president even if that whatever is illegal. Black, white, Hispanic or any other race Hillary has no preference or prejudice. Hillary will sellout any race or person regardless of any external factor, she works exclusively for herself.

At this point in the race politics is not even the main concern. The main concern is Hillary Clinton is primarily opposed to the betterment of America. If Hillary Clinton is elected America will be in major trouble.

2.Trump Has Become Better. Much Better

Taxes, Regulation, School choice and most importantly corruption. These are all issues Donald Trump has majorly improved on in a “big league” way.

In contrast to most Republican nominees Trump has actually became more conservative instead of less. Donald Trump has came forward in support of school choice and against common core curriculum to help urban communities and really all of America to have a better education system through free market education competition. This is probably the most conservative education platform the Republican party has had since Reagan. In addition Trump’s focus on Religious liberty is outstanding. Trump is wanting to expand free speech back to where it once was where politics can be brought back to the pulpit. Finally as a strong fiscal conservative I am extremely delighted by Trump tax plan which would be the largest in our country’s history. This tax plan along with his business experience could help turn our government around. Not to something that is efficient (because government is never efficient) but something that is possibly less a waste of money.

A major point that cannot be forgotten and is in the title of this article is the courts. Donald Trump has released an rather impressive list that would preserve our constitution for generations to come. It is estimated the next president will nominate up to 3 Supreme Court Justices. If Clinton gets into the White House you can expect the next 50 years to generate court rulings to push not only an authoritarian agenda but one that the courts have absolutely no authority to push.

Trump’s strongest feature however is his position on corruption. Trump has shown if he is elected we can believe he would #DrainTheSwamp. I first was able to believe this when he looked Crooked Hillary in her eyes after she said she’d be scared of a Trump presidency and said “because you’d be in jail”.

Trump has came out swinging against Hillary and the establishment so freaking hard he has proven absolutely he is not one of them. He has stood up to the corporate media in a way no other Republican has ever before and it is as refreshing as can be. On top of words Donald has added term limits back to the Republican platform so we can stop career politicians like Hillary Clinton for generations to come.

From the day Trump has announced to today it is clear there has been a change for the better. I can honestly say I believe if Trump is elected on November 8th it will be a win for liberty.

3.Trump’s Liberty Minded Endorsements

Proverbs 15:22
“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

Let me be honest and say I have many advisers even if they don’t know they are advisers. There are pages I follow, people I trust and politicians I respect that have came out for Trump and their opinion means a lot to me. For some of you I may be one of those people and for some of you after this article I may not be one of those people any more #SoSad. But the reason I am posting this is because not to act is to act and I refuse to let Hillary Rodham Clinton destroy this country without me at least trying to stop her.

One of the main and early influencers I received was from Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell who gave me a “No 3rd Term” button at The Republican National Convention in Cleveland. He like me was a #NeverTrumper but after our loss he rallied around Trump because like me he doesn’t want a 3rd Obama term which is what Hillary presidency would be.

Thomas Massie - RNC

“I Like The Shirt” – Congressman Thomas Massie

The second influencer would be liberty minded congressman Thomas Massie would defended Trump after he won the nomination saying “Trump is better than 90% of congressman I serve with” (source) with in all honesty is the truth. Thomas Massie has been a strong defender of Trump on social media to many of his libertarian friends and followers. When I met Massie in Cleveland, Ohio even then he was pro-Trump because he knew that was anti-Hillary.

The remaining influencers would be folks like Rand Paul, organizations like Heritage Actions and others that simply believe while Trump is not perfect he is definitely not Hillary.

This is an important election. One us Conservatarians cannot sit on the sidelines for. It is important we get out and vote and vote for Trump. The Don is not perfect but in his words “what do you have to lose?”. We know what a Hillary presidency will bring. An activist supreme court, bigger government  and an erosion of liberty. Donald Trump has promised the exact opposite and he is our best chance for a liberty minded future for the next four years.