Milo Yiannopoulos Has Had a Rough Week

Milo Yiannopoulos Has Had a Rough WeekConservative commentator Milo is having a rough  week. An old video of him speaking on a relatively small internet show recently went viral in which he seems to bash Jewish people and allude to pedophilia being OK. Regardless of your feelings on the matter that is not the topic of this article. Whether you think Milo was misinterpreted in his words or if you just want to see him burn is of no real context. This article is about one thing and that is the only thing that can fix Milo at this time.

Thankfully what can fix Milo is free and readily available to all of us. Thanks to a generous donor. It isn’t counseling or politics. It isn’t a neat exercise or some stupid BuzzFeed list. It isn’t even something regularly brought up in the media. This gift wasn’t made unavailable to Milo because of his past wrongs or his unclean thoughts. In fact this gift was provided for circumstances just like this.

See the one thing that can fix Milo Yiannopoulos is the same one thing that can fix you or me. That thing has been provided free of charge and doesn’t discriminate on someone’s skin color, heritage, gender or even past wrongs. That one thing is Jesus Christ and his redeeming love.

Now if you have read this far please at least hear me out and read the rest.

When Milo explained in the below Facebook post why he made the comments he made, reading it made me feel his pain. Some really bad stuff happened that no child should have to go through. Continuing Milo described how he was lead into a life of sin at the early age of 17 by an older man into homosexuality. Before that he was raped twice by grown men and once even by a priest. With this of course came lust and adultery and other horrible sins that really eat at your soul. Now currently Milo is most likely feeling abandoned and disappointed. I won’t go into specifics because if he is reading this he may read reason he never thought of. Then he becomes double sad. No good.

No sex (straight or gay), drugs (legal or illegal), money or power could ever fix the problems Milo or maybe even yourself are going through. Those are all just feeble attempts to fix the real problem.

Who are you?
What are you doing your life?
And what will be of you when this is all over?

If you define yourself with any of those above things life rough for you. If you find purpose in any of those things life will be rough for you. And if you think any of those things will follow you to the life after this, after-life will be rough for you.

I am not sure if you’ve started longing for a real solution to any of those above questions yet but I know when I did it wasn’t a good time. At 17 I was wondering what would be of me when all was said and done. On my deathbed when my time came would it be just like a television turning off or was there something else. I would stay awake just thinking about this one question. That question was shortly answered by the God of the universe.

I started to attend youth group with my friends quite frankly just to pick up women but thank Jesus I got into a real relationship. Over the next few months I started going to church at The Church On Strayer. Went to on a missions trip to the bad side of town and started seeing Jesus work miracles in my life. No longer did I wonder where I would go or wonder who I am or where my purpose is found. That was all answered in the knowledge that I am a child of God, redeemed and forgiven.

Now please don’t think I am pushing this on you because I want you or Milo in the cult. That I somehow get a commission or  heavenly bonus for you giving your life to God. No I am pushing this on y’all because it is truly the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I thank God everyday I didn’t fall into a life of sin. A life that might have been fun for a season but one that entirely lacks substance and is built on a foundation of loose lies without substance.  I personally feel if I didn’t share this without I would be doing you a great disservice.

Imagine if Milo or yourself were in New Orleans the night before Hurricane Katrina and I personally knew the levies were going to break. How evil would I be to not try to warn you both. Better yet imagine I had train passes enough to get us all out of New Orleans and I didn’t offer for you to come with me. How evil would I be? Pretty evil and pretty twisted. Well the libertarian magician, comedian and self described athiest himself Penn Jillette has asked just about this  same question. His question is below…

Penn Jillette on Sharing Your Faith (proselytizing) from Howard J Koepka on Vimeo.

“How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize (preach the gospel) ? How much do you have to hate someone to believe everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?” – Penn Jillette

I believe that what it says in the bible in John 3;16 and I agree with Penn Jillette’s logic. How much would I have to hate Milo or you not to write about this?

John 3-16

If you have questions about Jesus or would just want to talk you can personally message me at my page (Ron Johns). In the meantime please keep Milo Yiannopoulos in your prayers.