Now defending “liberal”-tarian Gary Johnson isn’t my favorite pass time but I think he really does deserve a pass on not understanding where Aleppo is. In fact I think it is actually good Johnson was honest and asked so he could clarify his position. It shows Johnson actually wanted to answer the question instead of give it the ole runaround answer he could have gave.

Once Johnson was informed Aleppo was in Syria he gave the answer he has been giving since beginning of the campaign. I personally don’t think this gaff is a big deal. I do think this is just one example however of Aleppo Syriawhy Johnson is a weak candidate (politically speaking). Someone more experienced with dealing with the media like Austin Peterson could have simply pointed out the location of a city is a small matter and in the grand scheme things is very trivial. If Trump can delegate such things to subordinates so should Johnson be able to. With countless media appearances, political rallies and fundraising one with common sense wouldn’t expect a candidate to know the world map off the top of their head, especially a town rarely in the news. The important part is Johnson is a strong interventionist who has a plan to keep America out of the disputes of other countries when uninvited. That is what Johnson should have stressed and frankly he should have had the charisma Peterson would have to tell the news media to shove it.

But back to the point you don’t know where Aleppo is. How are you going to hold an opposing presidential candidate to a level you  don’t hold your candidate to. Clinton didn’t know “C” stands for classified, that there is enough to consider someone possibly mentally impaired. Trump on the hand has been caught countlessly in situations of not knowing things much simpler then this such him bashing China for being in the TPP even though they have never been in the agreement and probably never will be.

On top that even top publications didn’t know where Aleppo was. The New York Times for example needed three tries to get the location right according to deadspin. I think that’s way more embarrassing  then Gary’s flop. At least Gary said he didn’t know where Aleppo was. The NYT claimed to know then got it wrong twice… oops.

So is it bad for presidential candidates not to know where important regions of the world are? Yes. But is it bad for them not to know where small regions within important regions are? No. Trump is right that is something advisers can help you with so if they could help Trump they could help Johnson too.