Obama's CIA Let Off Guilty Hillary Now They Repeat Her Talking Points About Russians Rigging The Election.

Is there anyone who really still thinks the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) or for that matter any branch of the current administration still acts in a non-partisan unpolitical way?

Currently trending in our Mainstream Media is this idea that you can’t believe everything you see on the internet (like we didn’t know that) and the concurrent idea that us dummies in middle America for some reason do. The Clinton-Obama democratic machine that is self destructing each day just a little more alleges it was this fake internet news that lost them the election. Ironically these are the people that are actually creating fake news and suppressing real news.

This idea that the Russians tampered with our election is a load of manure. YUGEST fake story of the year, right after the multiple reports that said Trump was done for.

But just think about this real quick. Below is a chart of the power structure at the Department of Justice.
Barack Obama 2016 - Department Of Defense Power Structure

This is among the most corrupt Department of Justices in the whole History of the United States.

Consider… (only 3 examples, I am sure there are more)
-2012: IRS Tax scandal is used to help Obama keep his office by keeping conservatives from starting political action committees
-2016: Hillary Clinton was said to be “dangerously reckless” with her e-mails but not indicted
-2016: Bill Clinton personally meets with Lorretta Lynch on a plane ride allegedly to find a way to not indict Hillary

Now this?

I am almost certain this is just political theater. The Russians did not mess with our election but ironically the Democrats were by controlling the news media trying to make us think what they want. The Democrats who worried about Trump not allowing a peaceful transition of power are now doing everything in their power to impede that very thing from happening.

This is the exact reason I voted to #DrainTheSwamp

Image courtesy of the BBC (http://bbc.in/2dGX5g4)
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