Obama & The UN’s Anti-Semitic, Historically Illiterate and Morally Confused War On Israel

For a thousand miles in any direction out from the Jewish state, homosexuals are thrown off rooftops, women are property and violent dictators reign supreme. Nonetheless, Israel, the lone bastion of decency and equity in a region otherwise ruled exclusively by bloodthirsty theocrats, remains in the cross-hairs of Barack Obama, John Kerry and the international power brokers at the United Nations.

It is the position of the UN security council that Israel has no legitimate claim to not only Judea and Samaria, but large swaths of Jerusalem including the Western Wall and Temple Mount. According to CNN, there was applause in the chamber after the near-unanimous vote condemning Israel.

Make no mistake. This is anti-Semitism at its most grotesque.

Israel being targeted by the politically powerful is nothing new. The Jewish people have been history’s enduring scapegoat. No matter where they go, what they do, how well they fit in, how “progressive” they act or how peaceful a people they are, the Jews will be blamed.

The difference this time, as pointed out by Israel’s ambassador to the US, is that America is leading the charge against them.

“It’s an old story that the United Nations gangs up against Israel. What is new is that the United States did not stand up and oppose that gang up. And what is outrageous is that the United States was actually behind that gang up,” Ambassador Ron Dermer said on CNN.

Israeli officials declined to release the information which leads them to believe Obama and Kerry orchestrated the resolution until the Obama administration is out of office, but regardless, the administration’s refusal to stand in the way of this historically illiterate and morally backwards resolution is shameful. Indeed, it is an indictment of the lack of discernment inherent to the worldview of President Obama and his progressive allies.

Israel Rightfully Owns The Land They Reside In

Despite mainstream narrative and the moral grey areas which often define international disputes, the Israel-Palestine is fairly simple and straightforward. Here’s why.

1) Israeli construction in disputed territories is completely legal. International law permits military occupations of neighboring territories following an attack by an aggressor. This is exactly how Israel came to control the Eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank. In 1967, Jordan, along with a coalition of Arab-Muslim nations, attacked Israel in the Six-Day War.

Per international law, Israel has every right to maintain control over these areas until peace is achieved with those whose land they occupy. As we all know, peace has not been reached. Rather, terrorism against the Jewish state has grown exponentially. Because of this, not only is Israel justified in retaining control over the West Bank and east Jerusalem, it would be suicidal not to. From these areas, Hamas could launch massive attacks on populated civilian areas in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with ease.

2) The historical significance that disputed lands have to the Arab Palestinians is nowhere near comparable to the significance that it holds to the Jewish people. Anyone who argues otherwise is either ignorant, a liar or a historical revisionist of the highest order.

Jerusalem is the promised land. The entirety of Jewish theology revolves around the history of this land from the moment the Hebrews escaped slavery in Egypt around 1,500 B.C. until their 1,900-year exile following their expulsion at the hands of the Roman empire. For more information, read from Genesis 12 through the end of Malachi. For those who aren’t familiar with the Bible, that’s roughly 1,000 pages depending on the publisher.

Palestinian Arab attachment to the land is, for the most part, based on vague sentiment. The ancestors of today’s Palestinians lived in this region for hundreds of years under the Ottoman empire. Over time, it is understandable that some degree of sentimentality would develop with this specific land. In addition, Jerusalem is the third holiest city in Islam and many Palestinians are Islamic. Nonetheless, their historical and spiritual attachment to Jerusalem and the immediate surrounding territory is not comparable to that of Judaism and the Jewish people. Not even close.

3) Israeli society is free, prosperous, diverse by every measure and fundamentally decent; quite an accomplishment considering that Israel is a drop of water among a sea of barbaric Middle-Eastern political leaders openly calling for their eradication.

This is not to say that there are not good and moral Palestinian people, there absolutely are. Nonetheless, Palestinian society at large is not tolerant, diverse or even decent. The fact that Palestinian voters have democratically chosen Hamas terrorists to make up more than half of the Palestinian legislative council, with the rest being controlled by the slightly less radical Palestinian Liberation Organization, indicates that most Palestinian voters are out for blood.

4) Disputed Israeli-Palestinian lands are surrounded by nations and cultures where Palestinian Arabs would fit in great. It would seem that Palestinian Arabs would have far more sentimentality towards places where theirs is the dominant culture rather than a place where their ancestors five-generations back used to live. Unless their cause is purely out of hatred toward the idea of a Jewish state, it doesn’t make much sense that there would still be Palestinian refugees.

The case is not the same for religious Jews, on the other hand, and even secular Israelis. The entirety of the Middle-East is openly and violently hostile towards Israel and Jewish people. Not only that, but just about everywhere the Jewish people have ever gone, they have been violently rejected and oppressed. Even in America, anti-Semitic hate crime is almost four times as prevalent as hate crimes against any other religious group. More than any other ethnic/religious group, it is vital to the safety and existence of the Jewish people that they have their own state.

The Progressive-Islamist Alliance

That progressives side with violent, fundamentalist, oppressive theocrats over a decent, tolerant and diverse nation is mind-numbing. In addition, the Jewish people are far and away the most violently oppressed minority in human history, making it incredibly strange that the self-proclaimed progressive champions of the oppressed would so vehemently take up cause against the Jewish state.

Anti-semitism is the obvious answer and there is no shortage of it on the left. As we have discovered from Obama and Kerry over the past week, they’re becoming more and more comfortable openly expressing their disdain. And with Keith Ellison as the front-runner to become the next head of the Democratic National Committee, expect anti-Semitism to become even more mainstreamed in progressive thought.

As Ben Shapiro pointed out, it is also possible that the far-left sees Islamism and Arab supremacy as necessary, short-term bedfellows in the cause of bringing down traditional western civilization.

Regardless, this land rightfully belongs to the Jewish people and it is the duty of the rest of the world to aid them as they defend themselves from the barbarians whose stated objectives is to end Israel’s existence and shed Jewish blood. The progressive alliance with Islamists against a moral and decent minority is an ethical disgrace, and to pretend this scapegoating of the Jewish state by Obama, Kerry and the UN isn’t dripping with anti-Semitism is a 4,000 year-old lie.