A product of a failed Obama administration Nick Freitas is making waves throughout the swamps of Virginia. A recent documentary by the name of ” American Statesman: The Nick Freitas Story ” by director Remso W. Martinez (“Haunted Republic” and the Remso Republic podcast) depicts the VA delegation race of a victorious Nick Freitas in a way that people seldom have the opportunity to witness. When you think of a political campaign you may likely think about the media’s depiction of a mud-slinging, scandalous, and hostile battlefield, but this is once again a failed depiction by the ever dishonest media. The truth is that behind every candidate is a base of volunteers, friends, and supporters that spend countless hours in close proximity with a candidate. These individuals give it their very best for the person they believe in.

A Little About Nick

Nick believes in a multitude of Conservatarian principles and policies. He is a strong proponent of the free market instead of the oppressive hand of government. And unlike many in the capital L Libertarian movement he is winning even if it is through the Republican party where he was elected his county’s party Chairman.
Nick not only won an intra-party race but is defeating liberal ideology at the ballot box. In 2010 he orchestrated one of the best campaigns in Virginia history by electing Bryce Reeves to state senate in a straight blue district. This was the first Red victory in over 28 years. From there Nick won his own seat in the House of Delegates in 2015 and reelection in 2017 winning every precinct but one and by massive double digits over his opponent.

Where have I seen him ?

In addition to politics it seems Nick Frietas is winning the internet as a star of viral videos such as a video in 2016 where Nick tapped the pulse of America by defending SFC Martland, who was dishonorably discharged after beating an Afghan Officer who was sexually abusing a child.

 The above video started a conversation that wound up saving Sergeant Martland’s career.
The next fairly recent video is about Nick perfectly comparing a Government run Grocery store to the same amount of efficiency as a government run public school.  

The Big Question

Now the question is can this Virginia Delegate translate that momentum into a win in the US Senate? Nick’s opponent for the seat is none other than the running mate of the most corrupt woman in history, Tim Kaine. Tim is not overwhelmingly popular even in his home state. His first race in 2001 he only won his seat for lieutenant governor by a little under 2%. In his next race for senate he grew his margin of victory but only to 6% in a presidential year which Democrats in purple states traditionally do better in. Even when Kaine was actually running on the Presidential ticket him and Hillary did not do that well. The pair actually got less percentage of the votes with only 5%. This was all without Trump even campaigning seriously in Virginia.
Now this isn’t to say it will be an easy road for Nick since articles have shown Virginia’s purple demographic is shifting blue with swamp creatures from DC moving to Virginia suburbs after they regulated it nearly impossible to afford to live in the nation’s capital. The recent gubernatorial race in the state also suggests some difficulty as Ed Gillispee lost the statewide race by almost 10 points. But many believe Ed ran a poor campaign which past victories show that is not Nick’s style. According to electoral history in the elections from 1977 to 2013 Democrats won 6 times and Republicans have won 4 times, but in each Republican win the margin of victory was never any lower than 12.3%. These double digit leads ARE Nick’s style and his history of defeating democratic strongholds make him the best contender for an ever changing conservatarian leaning voter base.

The Documentary that sums it up

There needs to be more highlights for the people who are changing the faces of political candidates, from career politicians to candid statesman. We also need to find these types of individuals amongst our local pool of candidate choices, stand behind them and promote the Liberty movement. This documentary is a great cameo for the VA senate candidate that is becoming a favorite throughout the liberty movement. With interviews from friends, staff, family, speeches by the candidate and victory rallies at the end. You begin to shape a perspective inspired through the consistent momentous that he embodies integrity, sense of duty, and liberty that drives his win streak again and again.
“What delegate Freitas has shown is that when you have a good leader, when you have somebody that speaks truth to power, but most importantly can bridge the divide between people from different walks of life to our common vision of freedom. That is what makes a statesman”.  Remso W. Martinez
And we agree! The liberty movement needs candidates that embody all of the qualities that a statesman like Nick Freitas displays in order to keep the win streak going.