Movement To Draft Ron Paul to Run Libertarian Party Is Gaining Steam, See How To Join...

Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump?
Arsenic or Cyanide?
Get shot in the left lung or the right?

Choices, choices, choices. However there could be another choice with a realistic shot at victory, that choice is Ron Paul. Polls are showing this year will be the Libertarian Party’s time to shine but imagine how much better they would do with the best know libertarian in the world, Ron Paul!

The website is circulating an online petition asking the 3 time former presidential to give our dreams a fourth and final shot. Ron Paul did extremely well in the 2012 Republican primary coming in 3rd in total delegates and 4th in total votes. In the meantime Ron has stayed in the public on Facebook and every once in a while on Television on interviews and commercials.

Dr.Paul would be the perfect candidate and the Libertarian Party is into the idea of him running too. The LP has said if Ron wishes to run then he would have till the 27th to announce. The petition online has asked for 1,000 signatures and is now at 1,700. Chances are that means Ron Paul already has 1,700 committed activists ready to help him run, we all just need our committed candidate to stand up.

Sign the petition at #RunRonRun

Website Trying To Draft Ron Paul For President Is Seeing Support