Rand Paul proves he is ready to stand for principle once again as he did during his famous filibuster of The Patriot Act by calling for the imprisonment of former Secretary of State and current Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Rand Paul said during an interview with Eric Boiling that “everybody should be treated the same under the law” and he insists this includes Hillary Clinton. Rand went further to say he represents many soldiers in Kentucky and if they leaked classified data they too would go to jail so the same law should apply to Mrs.Clinton. Rand Paul believes no matter your gender, race or even political power that we all should be equal under the law.

FBI director James Comey has stated that Hillary Clinton acted “reckless” and “negligent” but did not mean harm. However you do not need intent to commit  a crime. Drunk drivers do no mean to kill people, bad doctors do not mean to commit medical malpractice and those guilty of slander may not mean to do harm but they do and that’s the point. Punishment is not strictly handed out based on intent to do a wrong deed but just by the doing of the wrong deed. Plus further wikileaks have shown Clinton knew she was putting national secrets at risk and continued anyway.

Rand Paul is a hero for standing up to Clinton. We will report further as more senators and other leaders in the liberty movement call for the direct arrest of Hillary Clinton.

Below is a video of Rand Paul further discussing why he believes Hillary should be in prison.