Recently we held a poll to gauge The Conservatarian community’s choice for their favorite Libertarian Presidential Candidate which former Ron Paul for President volunteer and owner Austin Petersen won in a landslide and we added an interesting question. The question we also asked was “Would You Prefer Ron Paul To The Libertarian Candidate You Currently Support?” and we got some interesting results.

Personally I thought it would be an overwhelming yes but it seems Dr.Paul only got 52% saying yes. However it should be noted that a majority of the voters in the first poll did not vote in the second poll. There were just under 1,000 who voted in the first poll and just under 450 who voted in the 2nd.

Would You Prefer Ron Paul To Your Libertarian Candidate - Final Vote
These results show that if Ron Paul really wanted to accept the Libertarian Nomination he most likely could get it but that he might have to fight for it instead of the cake walk alot of us thought it would be. Currently Ron Paul has a few days left before the May 27th deadline to announce his candidacy, if you’d like Ron Paul to through his hat in the ring then sign the petition at