Just when you thought the current iteration of the Libertarian Party had gotten tired of embarrassing the early founders and activists of its party (Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, The Koch Brothers & More), think again. The liberal lead party is back at it again and this time proclaiming its support for illegal immigration and disdain for the rule of law.

On March 11th The Libertarian Party shared the following statement and the below video.

Libertarians do not support classifying undocumented immigrants as criminals.

Our current immigration system is an embarrassment.

People who would like to follow the legal procedures are unable to because these procedures are so complex and expensive and lengthy.

If Americans want immigrants to enter through legal channels, we need to make those channels fair, reasonable, and accessible.


Unsurprisingly this post was not met well at all by real libertarians who would be the parties base if they only had a brain.

One commenter enforced the idea that he considers himself a Libertarian but that the law is the law.

Another pointed out the obviously not that obvious to party leadership, this is why the LP (Libertarian Party doesn’t win elections.

The next commenter asked the question everyone was thinking even if they didn’t post it.

Who runs this page???

The Libertarian Party Page Admin - Arvin Vohra

Well, that makes sense. Arvin Vohra the vice-chairman who has argued that military members are murderers without morals, quoted Satanic literature in a Libertarian Party Facebook post and argued for reducing the age of consent.
Liberal libertarian View On Immigration

The Libertarian Party has let their feelings known on what they feel is an actual libertarian position. In the above post they claim immigration is too hard so therefore breaking the law is valid. Of coarse we all know this is a valid excuse for breaking the law or agressing upon another *sarcasm*.

Many hard liner LP members will actually argue that illegal immigration agresses upon no-one. The left-leaning libertarian will argue that illegal immigration is actually a victimless crime. That since no-one is being directly injured by another entering this country illegally that there is no victim. This is wrong.
Conservatarian View On Immigration

The correct view to have on immigration is the same Milton Friedman had on immigration. This is the view many conservative libertarians (Conservatarians) share.

Milton Friedman states that we absolutely cannot have open borders and an open welfare system. This is exactly what left-leaners in the LP don’t understand this unbalance is actually agressing on taxpayers as they are being forced to subsidize illegal aliens. FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates this cost to taxpayers is equal to $116,000,000,000!!! That is money that could be used to reduce our debt, fix our infrastructure or reduce taxes.

Conservatarians agree immigration is a problem but the answer is not to just allow it. Ron Paul says it best when “you subsidize illegal immigration, you get more of it.” It is time we stop the subsidation of illegal immigrants and take the 116 billion we spend to subsidize them on America and its citizens. The Conservatarian solution to illiegal immigration would include this and a streamlined immigration system which put America first. People could still come to this country poor and build themselves up but not on our dime but on their sweat and hard work.

Unfortunately, it seems the Libertarian Party is shifting from being Republicans who like pot to Democrats who almost understand economics. The majority of the woes of the Libertarian Party all stem from one area and that is leadership. Leadership of the party is toxic and liberal. “Bake the cake” is the new motto of forced inclusivity along with “Break the law”. The Libertarian Party has become little more than a social club who wastes money on bad candidates in elections and panders to the left for social justice points. If you are a Libertarian worth your salt run! Run away from the party and if you want to run for office do like Austin Petersen and do it in a different party.