John Kasich - 4th place in a 3 man race

Unsurprisingly last night progressive Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich won no state or any delegates. However to the surprise of many Kasich lost in the most embarrassing sense possible, losing to a candidate not even running. In Arizona Marco Rubio topped John Kasich by a decent 3 points.

Republican Votes - Arizona

Vote Total Graph from ABC 15

This is mainly attributed to Arizona’s robust early voting system in which nearly half the voting population votes before election day even occurs. But with that noted it is still beyond shocking that even without day of campaigning or weeks up to campaign that Marco still overcame Kasich. Marco a candidate dropped out of the race because he saw no clear path to victory so that begs the question what path to victory does Kasich possibly see?

The figures show Kasich would need over 100% of the remaining delegates to win and because of the Ron Paul rule could not be nominated till a later ballot without winning at least 8 states. Facts are a stubborn thing and it seems they are saying Kasich doesn’t have a snowballs chance in the desert of winning.

The question now becomes why is Kasich still in this race? And what sane argument is there for him having a chance to win?